A Guide To Indian Visa On Arrival

There are many foreign visitors who desire to visit India by obtaining the required visa to visit the country. There are only two counties that do not need any visa or passport to visit India and these countries include Nepal and Bhutan. Rest of the visitors and citizens of various countries are truly looking for an easy way to get Indian visa so that they can visit the wonderful country India. India has inaugurated an electronic visa system in 2014 that has indeed made the process of getting visas convenient for people. Presently, the citizens of many countries can obtain their e-visa to travel to India quite easily getting done with fulfilling the online form and offering the required biological data regarding you. Let’s understand in detail what Indian visa on arrival is along with other related aspects.

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What Do We Know About Visa On Arrival?

The Indian visa on arrival is known to be a segment of e-visa program in India. Each visitor that comes to India having a valid e-visa can easily receive the facility of visa on arrival that is usually in the form of a sticker. This sticker is being put on a page within the passport while you go through the immigration control procedure. To receive the updated visa on arrival for India in the form of a sticker, the visitor is required to show the printed copy of their e-visa along with the passport. You must also keep in mind that there are three major categories for e-visa India which includes e-Medical Visa, e-Business Visa and e-Tourist Visa.

It is indeed very important to know that the foreign citizens cannot gain their visa on arrival sticker till the time they have applied for the India e-visa. All the Indian electronic visa holders must have a printed copy of their visa approval which is being sent to their required email address directly.

Ways To Apply For The India Visa On Arrival

The citizens who are eligible for the Indian visa on arrival are automatically eligible for the Indian e-visa. To obtain the desired electronic visa for India, the applicants are required to gain a passport having minimum validity for the time frame of minimum six months from the expected date of arrival within the country-India. Apart from the passport, the applicants are required to have a credit or debit card to pay the visa fee and a valid email address the e-visa that is being approved can be sent.

The travellers who can apply online for the Indian e-visa are required to fulfil the various details being mentioned below:

Details of Passport including place of issue, number, date of issue and expiration date

  • Expected date of arrival as well as port of arrival
  • Place of birth and date of birth
  • Complete name as being mentioned on the passport
  • Religion
  • Marital Status
  • Address

At the closure of the application, it is important to answer a variety of security questions. After you submit the application, these are processed usually within the time frame of 4 days. After it gets approved, the e-visa will then be sent directly to the verified email address that the applicant offers at the application form.

When you reach the country, the e-visa holders in India are eligible to get the arrival sticker onto their passports which offer a stay of up to 60 days within the country from the time you enter India.

Wrapping Up!

To get further Indian visa details, you can contact passportandvisas.com to get the authentic and valid information and requirements when it comes to travelling to a certain country.

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