Types of Indian Physical Visa

Physical Indian Visa can only apply through the Consulate office or Indian Embassy. The process of getting a Physical Indian Visa is time-consuming. With a lot of physical documentation work, you must submit your original passport along with your visa application, residency, and financial declarations by mail, and the visa must be approved with a stamp in the physical passport. A physical Indian Visa allows visitors to stay in India for a maximum of 90 days.


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Types of Physical Indian Visas: 

The Indian physical visa is divided into the following types:

1. Tourist visa:

A tourist visa is best for you if you visit India for a short time and want to visit multiple places or meet your relatives and friends in India. You can stay in India for six months with a tourist visit. However, it is the maximum length of stay. And the government will not permit you to re-enter for at least 2 months after that.

You can utilize an Indian tourist visa for the following reasons:

  • Meeting friends and family
  • Tourism
  • Yoga retreat

2. Employment visa:

Individuals who have applied for an internship/job in India and got a job because of their skills and talent can apply for an employment visa. And after obtaining this visa, they can easily work in India.

3. Student visa:

Students who cannot afford education in their own countries and wish to pursue their careers in India must apply for an Indian student visa. The validity of this visa type is based on the course length chosen by a student.

4. Medical Visa:

The medical amenities in India are much better than in most countries; hence a medical visa is becoming increasingly popular. If you want to get treatment at a favorable price, you can request a medical visa. Indian medical visa is valid for two months from the date of arrival in India.

5. Entry visa:

In special cases, the Indian government provides entry visas for persons of Indian origin or their spouse/children as they are not eligible for any other type of visa.

If you want to come to India for conferences, you need to apply for a business visa. If you are visiting the country as a diplomat, you will need a diplomatic visa. Some other options to choose from and apply for your Indian physical visa are:

  • Urgent visa
  • Emergency visa
  • Transit Visa

Documents required for an Indian Physical Visa:

You will need to present the following documents to get a physical visa:

  • Your passport should be valid for at least six months with a minimum of two blank pages.
  • Applicable visa fee with two recent 50*50 photos. 
  • Properly completed application form.
  • Evidence of your nationality.
  • Previous visa copy.
  • A birth certificate presents parents' names for minors.

Indian Physical Visa Application Process:

The two best ways to obtain an Indian Visa are through the postal or courier option if you cannot visit India or two round trips to obtain your visa. You must keep in mind that it can easily take a minimum of two weeks to get your visa.

After two weeks, your visa will be stamped, and you can pick it up from the office or by post/courier. You can follow the details below to apply for an Indian visa.

  • You can contact the nearest Indian agency and get the information, or you can visit the Indian Embassy in your country to get the physical visa information.
  • First, check if you can request an Indian Visa after completing all the requirements, such as the documents.
  • Then fill out the application form conscientiously and submit the documents and your passport and application form to the Embassy of India.
  • After reviewing your application and documents, the government will provide you with an Indian Visa that suits your eligibility.
  • The final step is to collect your Indian Visa through Indian Embassy or by post/courier.
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