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Obtaining a US passport takes up to 10 weeks through the Post Office’s Expedited Passport Services. With Passports and Visas, you can receive your Passport Renewal in as little as 24 hours!

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Diane Angiolillo

I had no idea how to obtain a passport, so I decided to apply through Passports and Visas. My husband felt Icould save a lot of time and money by doing it myself through the Post Office, but I had no idea (until it happened), what problems could occur. Fortunately, I had a fantastic agent (Karen Maquilan) assisting me! She provided an "itinerary" which sped the process up, informed me and assisted me (as I cried and ranted), when the Government notified her that my birth certificate "wasn't an original" (which it was the one from the hospital, 67 years ago!), guided me to obtain "a copy of the original from the State I was born", and when it was discovered I hadn't submitted the proper amount of monies (check directly to the Government) for my Passport card, (and things were going to be delayed until additional monies were sent to Government Office in D.C.), Ms. Maquilan took it upon herself to pay the additional monies herself to keep the process moving forward. Ms. Maquilan "stayed by my side" the entire process and kept me informed weekly via phone call or email as to the processing of my Passport. She handled all the problems that presented themselves and knew who to call or what to do. I was (finally) able to receive my Passport in 6 weeks (vs. 3months or more due to problems I had.) I'm thankful I "paid the extra money", because I wouldn't have known which direction to take, who to call, or what to send to who or where. At first I cringed when I saw it would be about $100 more to hire someone vs doing it myself, but knowing what I know now (and gone through), I would hire Ms. Maquilan again! (It isn't easy "dealing with the Governnent"! Thank you, Karen, for a "job well done"!