Going on a trip and suddenly realize that your need to renew your passport?  What do you do, you ask? How long does it take to renew a passport anyway?  We at Passports and Visas.com have some answers for you!

How long it takes to expedite a passport renewal depends on your date of departure and the method by which you are submitting your passport application.

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How long does it take to renew a passport

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First off, this article covers renewing an adult passport.  If you are attempting to "renew" a child passport, someone who was issued the passport while they were 17 or younger and the passport was only good for 5 years.  That passport is considered a minor's passport and is not eligible to renew.  We can assist you in obtaining a new child passport; however.

Secondly, an adult passport is eligible to be renewed if it is still in your possession, was issued within the past 15 years, and is not damaged.  If these passport renewal requirements are met, then keep reading!

Renewing your passport with routine processing can be rather long, upwards of 8 to 10 weeks long.  Processing times vary depending on seasonality of the US passport agency as well, during the spring and summer applications tend to be more prevalent.  Many people who don't need expediting and can accomodate this timeframe. 

However; many US citizens find that 8 weeks or more (2 months) is too long to wait, particularly if you made last minute plans or your found out your passport is expired and need it sooner.  For those who need it faster than 8 weeks, lets dig into the faster expediting options available to renew your passport.

Renewing Your Passport at the Post Office

You can renew your passport by making an appointment at a Post Office.  They will review your application and then send your passport application to their regional passport center for processing.  Typical porcessing in this "routine" manner takes around 10-12 weeks.  You can pay elect to pay an extra $60 fee and this will expedite renewing your passport. Paying this fee typically means you should allow for approximately 4-6 weeks when requesting expedited service by mail with overnight shipping to and from the passport processing center. 

Pros to Expediting at a Post Office

  • For $60 extra, you shave half the time off the process.
  • If you have the time and don't mind the effort to drive to a Post Office, this is a reasonable approach.

Cons to Expediting at a Post Office

  • Many post offices require appointments
  • If there is an issue, you are notified weeks later and have to use mail to typically passport issue.  See our blog on Common Passport Mistakes to avoid this.
Do you need to renew your passport inside 8 weeks?
Passports and Visas.com will help you with your passport application. It's easy, painless and fast.

Expediting Your Passport Renewal at a Passport Agency

If you have access to a local Passport Agency, there are 20 plus Passport Agencies across the country where you can make an appointment, wait for your appointment and hand off your passport renewal application directly there.  Typically, 3 days or so later, you then drive back to the Passport Agency and are able to pick up your new passport.

Pros to Expediting at a Passport Agency

  • For $60 extra, once you have your appointment, you typically can have your passsport in 3 days or so.

Cons to Applying for Passport Renewal at a Passport Agency

  • All Passport Agencies require appointments
  • It typiclaly requires a trip to apply and then potentially a 2nd trip to pickup your appllcation.
  • You may not have a Passport Agency convenient to you.

Renewing Your Passport Application with a Private Passport Courier Service

Utilizing this method you get personalized service in expediting your passport and more convenience in renewing your US passport fast.

Pros to Expediting with a Passport Service

  • Fast Processing times on par with an appointment at a Passport Agency, and at times same day /24 hour processing is available.
  • With a passport expediting company, your passport renewal application is reviewed and managed by trained passport specialists.  We catch any errors prior to submissions and if there are problems during the application process we deal directly with the Passport Agency to resolve as soon as possible. If there’s anything wrong, you’ll get a phone call instead of a letter in the mail.
  • Peace of mind – If you have a trip planned in the near future, waiting for your passport can be extremely stressful, especially as your departure date draws near.  Save yourself the trouble by using an expediting company to submit your application!

Cons to Expediting with a Passport Service

  • As a private company, we have extra fees associated with our services and speed.

Our fees vary from $79 to $349 depending upon the need.

Let us handle your passport application expediting request..give us a call at 800-860-8610.