How Much Does it Cost to Renew a Passport?

Wondering how much it costs to renew your passport?  You came to the right place!  Let's explore the different passport renewal fees and options to obtaining a US passport renewal.

Let's start by discussing the cost of an adult US passport renewal.  A US Passport Book is a blue book that can be used for international travel via all forms of transportation (air, sea, car).  A adult passport book is typically valid for 10 years and is eligible to for a passport renewal at any time during the validity period of the passport and 5 years after it has expired.

How much does it cost to renew passport

How much does it cost to renew a US Passport Book?

An adult US passport renewal costs $110.  This is for passport processing that is considered "routine" and varies, but typically the processing time is 8-10 weeks.  You can pay and extra $60 for "expedited service" to the US Department of State and the cost of your passport renewal then goes up to $190 in total.  Expedited passport renewal services typically return your US passport in 4-6 weeks.

How much does it cost to add a Passport Card?

An additional option on a passport renewal applicaiton is that of a passport card.  The cost of an adult passport card is $30 and is simply checking an extra box on the DS82 Passport Renewal application.  The passport card is good for 10 years and is the size of a drivers license and is usable to travel across borders to Canada, Mexico and the Caribean via car and sea only.

 US Passport  Renewal Fees
Passport Type Standard (8 weeks) Expedited (4-6 weeks) Total Standard or Expedited
US Passport Renewal Book $130 $190 $130 or $190
Both Book Renewal  and Card $160 $220 $130 or $220


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A final cost of renewing your US passport is the optiona passport shipping cost.  Standard USPS Priority Mail is no cost and means the Passport Agency will return your passport via this service.  USPS Priority Mail typically returns the passport in roughly 3 days once complete.  For an extra $17.13 paid for a total of $147.13 or $207.13 your passport will be returned via USPS Priority Express Mail, which is typically 1-2 day overnight service.

As it relates to children, minor passports are NOT eligible to be renewed.

Payment Methods accepted for a Passport Renewal

Passport renewals are eligible to apply by mailing in your application to a PO Box.  Using this method, you must provide a check or money order to pay for your passport renewal.  See above for the specific costs of the passport renewal.  Typically, you would include a $130 payment, but ensure you are paying the right amount to not delay your passport renewal application.

If you are appling in person at a Post Office, at times, you can pay via cash or credit card to purchase a money order.  You cannot pay via cash directly.

Bonus: 6 Month Validity Rule for Passport Renewals

Many countries require that your passportto have at least six months of validity remaining from the date you enter the country. This helps to avoid many issues including if you stay longer and are left without a valid passport to use upon departure. While this requirement is not applicable to all countries, it is a good rule of thumb and many airlines may deny boarding at the U.S. point of departure for this reason. Keep an eye on the date of six months before expiration so that you can begin the renewal process before then in case you have upcoming travel.

What if I'm in a hurry to apply for my US passport renewal?

If you must travel in a hurry or due to an emergency, and you don't have the time to apply through normal channels, my may apply through a private expediting service such as Passports and   Private services can assist in expediting your passport renewal.

Here the various fees for passports explained

New Passport Cards applied with a Passport Renewal (for adults age 16 and older): The application fee is $30

Passport Renewal for Adults: If you’re renewing by mail, the fee is $130.  If you want to expedite through the mail the fee is $190