Can I Get a Same Day Passport? Truth about 24-Hour Passport

Getting a new passport or passport renewal takes time and a gradual matter of paperwork, and so is the time processing. For travelers who are in an utter rush and seek solutions to their query

"Can I Get a Same Day Passport?" The answer is Yes, you can get the same-day passport. 

But before getting a passport in 24 hours, the main question is, why do you need a same-day passport renewal?

Sometimes, a same-day/urgent passport service is a bad choice if you don’t pose any extreme urgency to renew your passport. Let’s face it. A 24-hour passport means;

  • Higher Cost Can Break Your Bank: Some expeditors overcharge it due to speed factor, even above 1200$ bucks. So, if you are having tough financial times while traveling and can wait a little longer to renew your passport, you better choose a lesser-speed package.
  • Shipping Delays Kill the Purpose: Shipping delays aren’t included in the primary passport service. So, any unusual circumstances like protests, government shutdowns, or operational slowdowns take more than 24 hours. So, it kills the same day's purpose.
  • Ambiguities Makes it MORE  Worse: Again, any ambiguity in your documents activates the chain of logistic jobs. Ultimately, it extends the “So-called” one-day passport service. You ruin your hard-earned money and travel plans.
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How to Get Same Day/24 Hour Passport

The path to getting a passport in 24 hours isn’t very straightforward. The limited spots for this opportunity, the toughest criteria to meet, and the high volume of applicants, specifically on peak days provide no guarantee to travelers for same-day passport facility in any 26 passport agencies. 

According to the statistical report of the State Department, the present frequency of passport processing takes almost five to nine weeks excluding holidays. While expedited passport processing normally takes four to six weeks—it can be even a big bit of a hassle for a new applicant who never had a passport before. 

That’s why same-day passport services never fell short of leads. However, Seeing the surface level things, you must meet these criteria if you are wondering how to get a same-day US passport.

  • You should be traveling within three business days
  • Your case should fall in a Life-or-death emergency or urgent travel.
  • You must have authentic documents regarding the patient's condition/illness. No homemade explanation or arguments without any proof will work.
  • You must have an immediate relationship with the person you will fly for.

When Does It Need For Urgent Passport?

The need for a passport within 24 rises often in case of emergency. Urgent medical grounds, humanitarian works, sports basis, or any valid reason can be the case to obtain a passport on the same day. 

A passport is a surety bond that a country gives to its citizens as the legal resident. It is a sensitive matter to award a Passport to the only allowed persons. That is why it is now probably impossible for most applicants to get quick passport access. 

However, it is likewise possible that last-minute travelers are eligible to secure hefty-bounty passports. Before the pandemic days, the passport process was of utmost importance. 

Nonetheless, the fast-track passport process is now viable with additional requirements that we will share in the section ahead. So, it would be best if you were calmly patient to make the move.

What are the Official Requirements For a Same-Day Passport?

US Passport agencies passed a regulation for fast-track passport acquisition. For the urgent passport process, you must secure one of the permissible limited walk-in invited appointments at one of the 26 Regional Passport Agencies across the United States. 

You can also book your agency visit appointments through an online portal or visual visit to any passport agencies or centers. But if you want to skip all this trauma of work and invites, some affiliated passport consultants like bypass all the procedures and expedite your passport with great ease.

Some Common Cases For 24HRS Passport Obtaining 

There are some cases to validate an appointment for the one-day passport service with specified circumstances that are discussed in the section below. Under these cases, you can get it on the same-day passport interview in-take. 

Proof of Urgent Need of Passport 

To meet the eligibility criteria, proof of an international journey along with a pre-travel Air or ship ticket that is to depart within 48 hours. Of course, the whole set of passport instruments requires you to visually be at one of the passport offices in person at the allocated time. 

You can also book your appointment slot online with expedited passport agents to avoid the annoying hassle. We advise you not to select a time that is inconvenient for everyone because rush hours can render you too long to wait for your turn.

Medical Emergency Travel 

A same-day US passport is provided to those in an emergency who need to travel on account of a medical emergency. You must show the valid reason for treatment abroad of the ailing applicant. A caregiver’s passport can also be applied for along with the ill person. On medical grounds, a passport is awarded on a priority basis. This way, your passport processing will be dealt with quickly.

As mentioned above, US passport matters come under the Ministry of Interior Affairs, so quick passport appointments are only given to those with emergency grounds. 

You must present your case for an urgent passport while traveling out of US territory within at least two weeks. You will also be able to lie under these categories if you fall in the case to obtain an international visa in four weeks. 

Remember, you can only apply for urgent passport services with an official appointment by the passport agency; the official windows are open in the speculated schedule.

How Will Your Case Validate?

It may depend on the nature of your case. For instance, if you are applying for a passport for the first time, you may face a delay, leading you to wait a bit longer. 

On the other hand, an early application with proof of travel emergency can strengthen your case for a passport in 24 hours. As strong as your case is, more possibilities will be there to get a passport on the same day. 

All passport agencies across the States work on the same parameters. Each passport center you apply with requires similar passport requirements.

Patience and Process are the Keys

Although a couple of years back, the US would not offer a same-day passport processing presumption, somehow, realizing the need for an urgent passport urgency, the US government has decided to provide viable and easy ways to get a passport in 24 hours. 

You need to undergo a valid process. It is unless you are urgent to travel to the international territory. You must visit the 26 Regional Passport Agencies or centers around the country. Patience also comes forward to spend the full day, and that's possible after you have an official appointment. 

If you are unaware of the passport procedure, you can avail of office passport services from our passport consultancy services. 

How to Get an Expedited Passport?

A swift passport with a fast-track paperwork process is often termed an Expedited passport in the US. The passport regulatory authority introduced a volatile categorical approach. So, similar to a Same-Day passport, an Expedited Passport also falls into the category. 

The process and requirements are the same when it comes to getting an expedited passport. You must meet the prior needs to qualify for the Expedited Passport.

What Passport Types Come Under Expedited Passport 

An expedited passport can gear up your passport for the official process stipulated as normal in 2-3 weeks or as fast as 8 hours. These are the following expedited passport services authorized by the US government.

  • New US Passport (First-Time Apply)
  • Second Valid Passport For Dual Nationality Holders
  • US Passport Renewal
  • Correction of Erroneous Passport 
  • Report and Regain of Stolen Passports
  • Child Passports
  • Passport Name Update or Change
  • Passport Gender Correction 
  • U.S Passport Card
  • Fast-Track Visa Service

Bottom Line

Same-day passports or expedited passports are two widely sought-after categories. Although the US government has introduced fast-track passport issuance programs, it might still be complicated for many individuals to apply for the possible factors. So, to evade any cumbersome situation or hurtful disappointment, you should get professional services from private entities.  

As mentioned above, Same-day passport services sometimes become conflicts of interest for various reasons. So if you don’t have extreme urgency to fly out of the country, try a less-speed package than a 24-hour passport. We at PassportsandVisas believe in fair advice and servicing. Let us handle your case and we can get your passport procedure done in as quick as three days. 

To avert inconvenience and repercussions, give us a ping, and our expert will contact you..

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