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You can get your lost passport application expedited in as fast as 3 business days using our stolen or lost adult passport application services.  Simply select the new passport speed service option from below that best meets your needs.  Expedited Lost Passport Services starting at $349.

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Lost Passport Application Replacement Guide

You can replace a lost passport while traveling abroad by visiting the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate general. An emergency, limited-validity passport will be issued to you if you need to travel quickly. In order to facilitate the replacement of your travel document, it is recommended that you maintain a copy of your passport in a safe but accessible location.

Steps to Replace a Lost Passport

  • Step 1: Report Lost Passport
  • Step 2: Complete Application Form
  • Step 3: Gather Supporting Documents
  • Step 4: Visit Acceptance Facility

You can replace a lost passport much in the same way you acquire a new one. The only difference is that you will need to report the loss and fill out an extra lost passport form DS64. The same is true if your passport was stolen. Being the case, it will take the same amount of time as it does to obtain a new one unless you expedite your lost passport replacement.

You can replace a lost passport while abroad by visiting the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate general. If you need to travel soon, you will be issued an emergency, limited-validity passport. In order to facilitate the replacement of your travel document, it is recommended that you maintain a copy of your passport in a safe but accessible location.

There are four items need when thinking about replacing your lost US passport.

Your New US Passport Application (DS11)

The DS11 passport application asks for information about yourself, your address, your prior passport information, your family, and where you are traveling to if in a hurry to get a passport.  We recommend you complete the DS11 passport application online, print it on white paper, full size prior to visiting the Passport Acceptance Agent.

Your Lost Passport Statement (DS64)

The DS64 Lost Passport Statement is a one page form explaining how your passport was lost or stolen as a statement.

Passport Photos

The US Passport Agency requires that passport photos taken on a white background and free of items such as glasses and scarfs for your lost passport application.  Your passport photo should also be taken within the six months prior to your passport application. Watch the exposure on the photo, as that is a common issue we have when applying for a passport.

Your Proof of Citizenship

You'll need to provide proof of US citizenship via either a birth certificate or naturalization certificate.

Check for your Lost Passport Replacement

The current New US passport fee is $130 for routine passport service plus $35 for the acceptance agent. Expedited service is $60 and you can request overnight delivery of your new passport for an additional fee.


lost passport application

What is the fastest way to replace my lost US passport?

Choosing the expedited lost passport replacement service at the Department of State is currently taking 7-9 weeks.  Using Passports and Visas.com we can expedite your passport replacement in as fast as 4 business days.

Is a lost passport replacement expediting service right for me?

If you are travelling soon, you have three options to expedite your new passport to replace your lost one.

  • Apply for expedited passport replacement for a lost passport at the Post Office.  The current timeframe is about 7-9  weeks not including shipping times which is quoted as up to 2 weeks each way.
  • Obtain an appointment at a US Passport Agency which are typically very limited.  If you have an appointment a new passport can be issued in a few days.
  • Apply through a courier service such as Passports and Visas.com and we guide you through the application process and can replace your lost passport as fast as 4 days.

I lost my previous passport, what should I do?

If you've lost your passport within the United States, follow these steps:

  • Report the loss using Form DS-64.
  • Visit a nearby passport acceptance facility with necessary documents to apply for a new passport which includes the new passport application DS-11, proof of identity, proof of citizenship, and fees for the new passport.
  • We offer expedited passport services within the United States, potentially getting your replacement for your lost passport in as little as four business days, even if you've lost your previous one.

How much does it cost to replace a lost US passport?

New First Time US  Passports start at $130 for routine service. If you would like to expedite to processing of 7-9 weeks, the fee is $190. On top of that if you would like a passport card, add $30. Also, when you apply at the Post Office, they charge a fee of $35 for the adjudication process. If you choose our private first time passport expediting services, our fees vary on speed.

How to complete a Lost Passport Application