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Travelers are quite often not sure of the specific requirements or documentation required to enter into a foreign country.  Our site helps international travelers easily understand what is specifically required of them in order to gain passage into another country.

Passport Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know what a passport is?  Answers to Passport Questions and more.

You may have heard the US State department takes several weeks to deliver a passport, click here to  find out the scoop.

We've also created a chart that compares your choices for getting a passport to help you evaluate your options.

Passport Forms and Information

Need to know where a Passport Office is near you?  Passport Agency addresses and more.

Need a passport application form?  DS11 New passports, DS82 passport renewal and more!

Travel Visa Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure what a travel visa is?  Click here for the answer to more frequently asked travel visa questions.

Not sure if you need a travel visa to visit your next destination?  Click here, and you'll find out within a couple of clicks