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Passport Name Change

Applying to change the name in your passport is a good idea if your name has been legally changed since your travel document was issued. The application and supporting documents that you will submit depend on a couple of factors so read carefully to make sure you are submitting the correct ones.

The application and supporting documents that you will submit depend on a couple of factors so read carefully to make sure you are submitting the correct ones.The application takes approximately four to six weeks to process. Requesting expedited service will get it processed in just two to three weeks.

Getting your name changed faster requires you visit a regional processing center to submit the form. Those who are unable to go can get a third party to submit the application for them. One option in emergency situations is to use a professional courier service to expedite a name change.

Guidelines for expediting your Name Change on Your Passport

There are five items needed to change the name on your US passport.

Passport Photos

The US Passport Agency requires that passport photos taken on a white background and free of items such as glasses and scarfs.  Your passport photo should also be taken within the six months prior to your passport application. Watch the exposure on the photo, as that is a common issue we have when applying for a passport.

Your US Passport Renewal / Name Change Application (DS82)

Renewing a passport for a name change means completing and applying for a US passport again.  The passport application asks for information about yourself, your address, your prior passport information, your family, and where you are traveling to if in a hurry to get a passport.  We recommend you complete the DS82 passport renewal application online, print it on white paper, full size and ensure you sign the application.  Make sure to sign the application and double check for any typos on the application as those errors will cause delays.

Your US Passport

You'll need to surrender your passport as part of the application process.  So, you must have your passport in your possession and it must be valid to be renewed (an adult passport issued within the past 15 years) and must not be damaged.  Don't worry, you typically get your old passport back when your new passport is issued.

Check for your Passport Name Change

The current US passport renewal fee is $130 for routine passport service. There are optional add on service fees that may add to the total of your payment. Expedited service is $60 and you can request overnight delivery of your new passport for an additional fee.

Proof of Name Change

You'll need to provide your proof of name change for your passport typically provided via a marriage certificate, divorce decree or legal name change document.