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We are a trusted expedited US Passport application service that has expedited over 2 million US passport applications since 1992. 

A Personal Account Manager is assigned that will guide you through an expedited passport application in as little as two business days.   New US passport applications, passport renewal, lost passports, child passport applications - we have the American passport services needed to get a US passport for your trip!   

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An Account Manager can guide you through the entire application process as needed. No calls centers to deal with, just friendly, professionals dedicated to you and your travel needs.

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Our team reviews and submits your documents while your Account Manager keeps you informed throughout the entire process.

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Your Passport / Travel Visa is delivered via secure Fedex service.

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Why Choose Passports and Visas.com

image description Personal Account Manager

An Account Manager can guide you through the entire application process as needed. No calls centers to deal with, just friendly, professionals dedicated to you and your travel needs.

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We work with the United States Passport Agency to obtain your US passport application in as little as 24 hours. View instructions on all of our expediting passport application services, including passport renewal, new passport applications and to replace a lost passport. There simply isn't a better way to get a passport fast.

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We are a nationally recognized US passport and travel visa service by the Washington Post , New York Times and USA Today and ranked #1 by the US Passport Service Guide in a survey of 40 expediting services. Our team of US passport and visa expeditors have been obtaining rush passports and visas for over 15 years.

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You can get the status of your US passport application online 24/7. You'll receive email updates as your passport application process is expedited - with the final email alerting you that your US passport application has been completed. Rest assured - if a problem with your US passport application arises - you'll get the information fast.

Passport Application

Need to expedite a passport application quickly? Whether you need to obtain a new passport, renew one that is about to expire or replace one that has already expired or been lost, it is possible for citizens of the United States to get a passport as fast as in a few days if specific requirements are met.

What is a  US Passport?

A passport is an officially recognized government document that certifies one's identity and citizenship, permitting a citizen to travel abroad and to re-enter the United States.

How long does it take to get a passport?

Regular passport applications processed through the Post Office takes on average 10-12 weeks. Expedited service through the Post Office takes 6-8 weeks and costs an additional $60 fee.  Passports and Visas.com offers expedited services for those needing passport applications processed quickly. Same day service is available by scheduling an in-person appointment at one of 25 regional passport agencies across the country.

Passports and Visas.com offers expedited passport application services where no appointment is necessary and your passport application is thoroughly reviewed.

How Much Does a US Passport Cost?

Passport costs vary on the Passport services but generally an adult passport cost starts at $130.

Passport Renewal Costs are detailed here

What are Passport Application Requirements?

Generally speaking, you need the following to apply for a US Passport.

  1. Prior US passport or proof of US ciitzenship
  2. Passport Application (for New passport or Pasport renewal)
  3. Passport Photos
  4. Payment to the US Department of State
  5. If passport application is needed in a hurry, then proof if departure (travel itinerary)

US Passport Application

How much does a US Passport Cost?