What is a Russian Highly Qualified Specialist Visa?

The Russian Federation provides work visas for highly qualified specialists (HQS) from abroad. Russia issues such visas at the invitation of the Interior Ministry. Family members of an HQS operating in Russia can also request this visa.

HQS can work in Russia for up to three years. This visa is a multiple entry work visa, and it can never be a single or double entry visa.



Many individuals mix private visas with other visas, such as tourist visas. A private visa is named not because you are a private person but because a welcoming citizen of Russia receives a private invitation.

Issuing a private (guest) visa requires a long collection of documents, while a tourist or business visa is faster and cheaper to achieve. Therefore, many foreigners who visit their friends or relatives and visit Russia request a tourist visa. It shortens the visa processing time and frees your Russian friends or relatives from bureaucratic procedures.



Russian Visa is a type of permit letter or a certification that you can enter the premises of the Russian Federation. It has all the details of your visit like the date you enter the country and the date you leave the country with the purpose of your visit along with other details. Here are the details on how you can get a  visa for Russia if you want to visit a friend.


General Information on Private Visa:

A private visa is a permit issued to a citizen of another country for entering Russia upon express invitation. The private visa is valid for 30-90 days, and the period of validity of this visa can vary 1 to 2 times.

The private visa is suitable for those who want to visit friends or relatives registered in Russia. Furthermore, the foreign organization or company can also issue a guest visa. The main thing is to receive an official invitation from a private person or a legal entity.

Extending the private visa is not possible, except in urgent cases where a foreign representative needs to be treated, etc.


What is an e-visa for Russia?

An e-Visa is issued online, unlike a regular visa, stamped on the paper of a passport. It is an electronic license to enter Russia. A copy of an e-Visa can be saved on a smartphone and viewed on the screen upon arrival in Russia.

It only applies to citizens of some selected countries. It allows its holders to enter and leave the country through a limited number of border crossing points. There are no application fees for this visa. It will be processed within four days, and the application process is straightforward. No hotel bookings, invitation letters, or similar documents are required.


Most people who want to visit Russia do so on a tourist visa, which allows a stay of 30 days. On the other hand, a business visa authorizes a longer stay and more flexibility for this reason; foreigners who want to stay longer than 30 days often use business visas. This guide will explain five tips to apply for a business visa.