One of the most common issues that many people face these days while applying for an Indian e-visa is that it may get rejected for various reasons that are unknown to people. You don’t get to know the reason properly behind the denial of a visa in the first place which makes the overall procedure quite delayed and frustrating as well. The applicants also have to face the non-refunding and have to apply for it all over again. In this article, we are going to discuss a variety of ways through which you can easily avoid the rejection of your Indian e-visa due to trivial reasons.


What are the reasons that make an embassy reject or deny the Indian E visa? This is the question that many people require the answer for while they are applying for a visa in India. Whenever a visa of an individual gets rejected, there is always something unwilling or unsatisfactory related to the visa application or any other legal document that is related to the visa. There are numerous visa applicants that get confused regarding the rejection or refusal of visas.

In this article, we are going to discuss seven important reasons for the rejection of an Indian E Visa.


The standard Indian eVisa cost for United States citizens is anywhere from $41 to $103. But the cost varies depending on nationality of the passport holder.

A person visiting India with the purpose of tourism, business or medical reasons can apply for an eVisa. As the name eVisa suggests, this is an online visa application process.  The visa is issued and electronically linked to your passport Here are the multiple types of and India eVisa

  • e-Tourist visa
  • e-Business visa
  • e-Medical visa

There are two other categories of eVisas namely- Medical Attendant Visa and conference Visa. Against one e-Medical visa, up to two Medical Attendant Visas can be applied. 

The United States, U.K., and Canada Citizens are unique compared to other countries because they are one standard visa fee regardless of the number of entries. This means that both single and multiple entry visas are the same price.  Other countries vary.

Indian visa cost