Getting ready for your fabulous international trip? Now, all you need to do is pack your bags. and check to make sure you passport is still good! 

You'll need to make sure your passport is valid and handy. Applying to replace a lost passport or renewing a passport in a hurry like 24-hours passport through US passport agency can take a more blood and sweat. 

So let's get started and examine questions regarding, how long is a passport good for? how long it takes to get a passport, what makes it valid, passport expiration rules and more!

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How long is a passport good for?

When you take a look at your passport, on the inside front cover next to your photograph is some pertinent information regarding your passport length, showing how long your passport is valid. 

The information page of the passport records basic information about the passport: its bearer's surname, given names, photo and date and place of birth, validity period, For these purposes, let's talk about validity, how long is a passport valid for. 

How long are kids' passports good for?

For individuals ages 16 or older, you would have received an adult passport which is valid for 10 years after the date it was issued. Minors / Children under the age of 16 receive passports that are valid for five years.

Note: Is my passport valid? Even if a passport is valid date wise, there are two other items you need to check on passport validity.

  1. You need to make sure you have blank visa pages in your passport for entry visas and exit stamps.  Most countries require at least one blank page, some require two.
  2. You need to make sure your passport isn't damaged.  If a dog ate it and damaged the passport it may not be considered valid.  This is subjective, but its important that the information page and visa pages are not damaged prior to your flight.

What is a Passport 6 Month Rule?

Many countries have their own passport expiration rules to restrict travelers from staying illegally beyond the limit in the country. It’s not a rule set by the U.S travel department, but this passport validity duration varies as per a particular country’s passport and visa requirements. Some countries impose 3 months passport validity criteria, while some ask travelers to have a passport that is at least 6 months valid.   

However, this passport validation timeline can see a fluctuation with regard to changes in the country's passport requirement policies. 

Some Closely US allying and bordering countries allow US citizens to have 3 months of passport validity when they apply. Mexico and Canada are prime examples of this policy. But then, many Asian countries, including US rivals China, Iran, and Turkey ask for a 6 month rule passport requirement.   

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Which countries require six months of passport validity?

How long are passports valid? Sometimes, a valid passport isn't enough. The entry requirements for most countries state that a passport cannot expire within six months of arrival in that country, or in some cases, the passport cannot expire until six months after the planned exit date. 

Can you travel if your passport expires in 6 months?

Many Asian and South American countries enforce the rule of 6 month passport validity. Mexico and Canada currently don't require 6 months of validity, but it's best to check with us or check with your airline prior to departing.

When Can You Renew Your US Passport?

So, when does a US passport expire, how do you obtain a passport renewal?  You can renew your adult passport at any time during the validity of the passport up until 5 years after the passport has expired. To qualify to renew your passport you must still have the passport in your possession, the passport must not be damaged and again, it must be within 15 years of when the passport was issued.

Children / Minor Passports are not eligible to be renewed and the applicant must apply in person just like the first minor passport.

What to do if you lost your passport?

It’s so unfortunate that you lost or damaged your valid passport. You might know applying for a new passport or renewal is a full-time hassle. For anyone in a hurry or emergency travel mode, expediting a passport through a US official passport agency or acceptance facility isn’t an easy deal. 

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