The Bahamas is on of the top 5 destinations for US citizens and this begs the question for those going for a wedding, spring break, honeymoon or a cruise!  Do you need a passport for the Bahamas? It all depends on how you plan to travel to the Bahamas.

In short, most people do need a form of passport to go to the Bahamas.  Below, we will cover the specifics.

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The standard Chinese Visa cost for United States citizens is $140. But the cost varies depending on the number of entries and based on the country that grants your passport. Some small additional fees such as service fees and taxes can increase the final cost of a China visa cost.

The United States, U.K., and Canada Citizens are unique compared to other countries because they are one standard visa fee regardless of the number of entries. This means that both single and multiple entry visas are the same price.


US passport cost

Passport Costs and Fees?  A common passport question for sure in 2022.  You have your travel all booked and realize you need a passport.  How much does a passport cost anyway?  Well it depends on the type of passport service you need to apply for how quickly you need to get your passport processed and there are a few additional items you might wnat to consider.

Let's take a deep dive into the costs of a passport.

Please note the passport fees are subject to change so check back with us.  The prices below are accurate as of 2022.

The most common type of passport is a first-time or new passport or a lost/stolen passport.  You are an adult US citizen and have never had a passport before.  If this applies the fees are as below.

New US Passport Fees
Passport Type Standard (8 weeks) Expedited (4-6 weeks) Acceptance Agent Total Standard or Expedited
New Adult Passport Book $130 $190 $35 $165 or $225
New Adult Passport Card $30   $35 $65
Both Book and Card $160 $220 $35 $195 or $255

You will need a passport for all travel into Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico from the United States and Canada.


This passport will be presented at customs as you enter Mexico either by air, plane or boat.If you do not currently have a passport, please plan ahead since it can take up to 6-8 weeks to process. You must make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from your travel date.

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1.  Noise Cancelling headphones (or earplugs)

Airplanes are loud. Good noise cancelling headphones can cut the engine noise down significantly, making the whole flight a lot more relaxing. They won’t help with the crying baby, or talkative neighbors, nor are all noise cancelling headphones the same. Check out Why Headphone Specs are Worthless and Noise Cancelling vs Noise Isolating Headphones.

My pick is the Bose QuietComfort 20 (though the over-ear 25s are also good). Best noise cancelling available right now, plus they’re tiny.

If you don’t want to invest in some NC headphones (the cheap ones are rarely worth it), some ear plugs are certainly a cheap alternative. Not quite as good, and not nearly as comfortable as the QC20s, they’ll at least dim the din.

2. USB cable

Many new planes have USB plugs at every seat. They won’t recharge your phone/tablet very quickly, but they should keep it from running low. A cable long enough for you to still use your phone comfortably, or store the phone in the seat pocket, is ideal.

Not all USB cables are the same, however. Some don’t let your phone charge at it’s maximum. Check out Wirecutter’s pick for some cheap cables that do.

If you’re an Apple user, this counts for Lightning cables too (as they’re basically just USB with an expensive connector).