Russian Visa Policy - What You Should Know?

The Visa Policy of the Russian Federation is a document allowing a stay in Russia for a specific period. As per Russian visa policy, every foreign citizen must require an entry visa to enter the Russian Federation, except for the nationals who have an exemption.
You can apply for a Russian visa either from the consulate office or the Russian embassy of your country or with the help of a Russian e-visa application form. Aside from that, an e-Visa is an online visa with which you can apply for a tourist visa, transit visa, humanitarian visa, or business visa.

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1. Russian Tourist Visa Policy:

The visa policy of the Russian Federation states that foreign nationals must obtain a Russian tourist visa for tourism purposes.

Types of Tourist Visas for the Russian Federation:

  1. Single entry, valid for up to one month.
  2. Double entry, valid for up to one month.

According to the visa policy of the Russian Federation, the following documents are required to apply for a Russian tourist visa:

  • Original passport with a minimum of two blank pages intended for a visa validity of at least six months.
  • Two copies of the completed and signed Russian visa application form.
  • Two passport photographs must be signed on the back.
  • Supporting documents for tourist visas, i.e., confirmation of tourist acceptance and hotel voucher.

A tourist visa for the Russian Federation cannot be extended.

2. Russian Business Visa Policy:

By the visa policy of the Russian Federation, Business visas for Russia are provided to foreigners who want to visit Russia for private or official business purposes.

Types of Business Visas for Russian Federation:

  1. Single entry, valid for up to three months or 90 days.
  2. Double entry, valid for up to three months or 90 days.
  3. Multiple entries, valid for one year or 365 days.

The following documents are required while applying for a Russian business visa:

  • Application form
  • An original passport, valid for a minimum of six months
  • A passport photo
  • A letter from your company/employer
  • Invitation from the Ministry of the Interior

The organization that issued the invitation for your current business visa can extend a business visa for the Russian Federation.

3. Russian E-Visa Policy:

Depending on the territory of Russia, the visa policy of the Russian Federation provides visitors with three types of Russian e-Visa

1. St. Petersburg E-Visa:

 It allows eligible nationals to visit the Russian regions of St. Petersburg and Leningrad in Russia.

2. The Kaliningrad E-Visa: 

It allows the holders to visit the Russian Kaliningrad Exclave on the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Poland.

3. Far East E-Visa: 

It allows the eligible citizen to visit any of the following areas in Russia's Far Eastern Federal District:

  • Amur region
  • Khabarovsk Krai
  • Kamchatka Krai
  • Primorsky Krai
  • Sakhalin Oblast
  • Zabaykalsky Krai
  • Republic of Buryatia
  • Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

However, a foreign citizen should request a visa at the diplomatic office of the Russian government if he

  • Requires a longer stay
  • Want to visit the territory of Russia not allowed by an e-visa
  • Want to visit Russia for another purpose not mentioned above, such as study or work

Other visas for the Russian Federation:

The visa policy of the Russian Federation provides for other visas depending on the purpose of the visit. They are as below:

4. Humanitarian Visa:

  1. Single entry is valid for up to three months.
  2. Double entry is valid for up to three months
  3. Multiple entries are valid for one year.

5. Private visa:

  1. Three months validity depends upon an invitation from family or friends in Russia.
  2. Three months validity depends upon a private invitation from a parent traveling with their children or a spouse traveling with the candidate.

6. Transit visa:

It depends on the tickets to a destination in a third country, valid for up to three days.

7. Work visa: 

It depends on a work invitation from any Russian company, valid for three months.

8. Student Visa:

It depends on an invitation from a Russian college or university, valid for three months.

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