Do Indian Citizens Require Nigerian Visa?

Nigeria is the most populous country in West Africa and, at the same time, one of the oldest places of human existence. Due to its famous soccer team and growing economy, Nigeria attracts people worldwide, including India.

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Do Indian Nationals Require a Visa for Nigeria?

Yes. Indian citizens must receive a visa before entering the Republic of Nigeria. Nigeria Visa should be applied personally to the Embassy, Consulate of Nigeria, High Commission, or the designated Visa Application Center.

How can Indian Citizens apply for Nigerian Visa?

The Nigerian visa procedure is usually online, and Indian citizens can apply for the same with an online Nigerian visa application. An important element of the visa application procedure is that the form must be completed according to the guidelines set by the embassy. The online form must be filled out with the correct information and details requested in the visa application. The common procedure for Nigerian visa application is as follows:

  • Complete the application form on the Nigerian Embassy website.
  • Submit the fees online.
  • You will receive a cover letter and receipt in your registered email.
  • Submit the visa application form after reading the security regulations.
  • The required documents must be submitted along with the passport and the signed visa application form.
  • After completing the online Nigerian visa process, the application form and the required documents must be submitted to the registered visa agency to carry out the further process.
  • The applicant must visit the nearby OIS center for biometrics after submitting documents.

When the form is completed and submitted, Indian citizens must wait for the visa processing time. The processing time for a Nigerian visa usually depends on the visa type you have requested for.

How can I visit Nigeria from India?

People traveling from India can accommodate flights from Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore to enter Nigeria. Some of the large airlines between Nigeria and India are Etihad Airways, Kenya Airways, Egyptair, and Lufthansa. Taxis and buses are available from the airport to go to the other parts of the country.

Nigeria Visa Fees for Indians:

There are several factors on which the Nigerian visa fees depend. These involve the visa type, the validity of the required visa, the urgency of issuing the visa, etc. The fee involves the charges paid to the Nigerian Embassy and the visa services you used. If you are applying for a visa on arrival, you can pay online or offline fees.

Entry Purpose Validity

Stay Duration 

Single Entry Normal


3 months 3 months 34k INR
Multiple Entry Normal Work 12 months 3 months

47k INR

Multiple Entry Normal Work 12 months 12 months

35k INR

How much does the Nigerian visa cost?

The cost of a Nigerian tourist visa varies depending on the currency and country, but on average, it costs between 160 and 180 USD from 2020. You might have to submit all additional documents like passport photos as well as you have to pay for the processing fees.

Is Nigeria Safe for Indian Citizens?

Nigeria isn't the safest travel destination in Africa, but there are numerous things you can do to avoid hassle and add some extra personal security. There are government warnings about kidnapping, terrorism risks, and other brutal crimes.

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