Pros and Cons of Russian Private Visa

General Information on Private Visa:

A private visa is a permit issued to a citizen of another country for entering Russia upon express invitation. The private visa is valid for 30-90 days, and the period of validity of this visa can vary 1 to 2 times.

The private visa is suitable for those who want to visit friends or relatives registered in Russia. Furthermore, the foreign organization or company can also issue a guest visa. The main thing is to receive an official invitation from a private person or a legal entity.

Extending the private visa is not possible, except in urgent cases where a foreign representative needs to be treated, etc.

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How to make an invitation to the Russian Federation?

Thе citizen оf Russia саn organize such an invitation. The documents for this are as follows:

  • Passport of the Russian citizen.
  • Passport copy of foreign citizens.
  • Certificate of income of the Russian citizen.
  • Document of payment of the fees (stamp duty).
  • Guarantee declaration in which the host party undertakes to give residence to the foreign guest, provide him with medical assistance in an emergency, etc.

Documents Required for Private Visa:

After getting an official invitation, a foreign citizen should collect the following documents:

  • Two recent photos.
  • Visa application form.
  • Copy of the valid passport.
  • The original invitation from the hosting party.
  • Document confirming payment of the consular fee.

Pros and Cons Of Russian Private Visa:

If you plan to request a private visa to Russia, first read all the pros and cons.

Pros of Using Private Visa:

1. The main advantage of using a private visa is that it is provided for a longer time than a tourist visa. A private visa has a validity of 30-90 days, while a tourist visa has up to 30 days validity.

2. A person who is below 18 can obtain a private visa. The maintenance of the young person is not compulsory.

Cons of Using Private Visa:

1. The recipient completes the invitation all alone. This process is tedious because it needs a large pack of documents.

2. As mentioned above, this process sometimes takes up to 30 days, while the tourist visa is provided much faster and does not require an invitation from the Russian citizen.

3. The visa fee is higher than other types of visas. For example, the private visa fee is RUB 2700, while the tourist visa fee is 1000.

4. Upon arrival in Russia, the foreigner must be registered at the place of accommodation of the host. The fine will be imposed if the foreign citizen lives with the recipient, but this is not legally systemized. By the way, it is charged on a Russian citizen and also on the foreign guest (from 2500 to 5000 rubles).

5. If the foreigner uses the private visa, he can only travel within the region he is invited to. So it isn't easy to explore all the beauties of the country.

Reasons for Refusal of Private Visa:

  • Use of forged documents, false information.
  • Outstanding conviction.
  • Tax evasion,
  • Previous violations in the tertiary of the Russian Federation.
  • Representing the danger to life, health, and safety of the residents of the Russian Federation.

Alternative to the Russian Private Visa:

Tourist visa is very popular these days. Citizens of another country who have relatives or friends in Russia select this type of visa. This way they can visit their friends and travel around the country without restrictions.

Final Words:

Before preparing the documents, read the details and requirements for all types of visas. The private visa, which we observe in detail in this guide, needs an invitation from a Russian citizen. However, this is a longer and more complex process. If you require a short visit, we recommend getting a tourist visa. It is less in cost, and the visa will be ready in less time.

Business and tourist visas are more popular than private (guest) visas. For that reason, we recommend you carefully study all the advantages and disadvantages of such a visa, compile all the required documents, and successfully pass the process for issuing the visa.

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