Documents Required for Chinese Tourist Visa

A visa is a legal document that allows you to visit a country on a temporary basis. A tourist visa is a kind that most tourists apply for. Your passport should be at least 18 months ahead of the expiration date if you want the visa for 12 months of validation. With the application form, you have to attach some documents. The details of the Chinese Visa documents are as follow:


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Legal Passport

You need to provide a copy of your legal passport and it should have almost six months more than the duration of your visa’s duration. Another important thing that your passport should have is 2 blank pages. The last thing that you should be careful and considerate about your passport is that it should not be damaged or torn.

Pictures of Yourself

The picture that you should provide with the tourist visa application for China should be fresh and taken within the past 6 months. The width of your photo should be 33mm and the length should be 48mm to be exact. You shouldn’t be wearing any accessories or jewelry in the picture.

Evidence of Your Present Residence

You have to provide written evidence of your present residence while applying for a tourist visa for China. It is an important document and does not submit your application without it.

PU Letter from the Authorities of China

In order to get the Chinese visa, you must get a PU letter from the Chinese authorizations and the specific reason to do so is that it is their latest policy to issue the visas. It is just like an invitation letter. The Chinese authorities started this policy because of the worldwide epidemic.

Visa Application Form

You will get the visa application online, print it out, or get it from the office. You have to fill it out very carefully and make sure to leave no mistakes. The most important advice is that you should never be uncertain about anything while applying for a visa.

Documents of Travel Record

You also have to provide all of your travel records in document form. You have to provide the details of all the countries and places that you visited in the recent 28 days. These documents should also have information about the entry and exit dates of your visits.

People With Criminal Record

In case if anyone has a criminal record, that person will need to provide the biometric verification in person. If they find anything suspicious, they will proceed with interrogation.

Declaration of Your Health

You have to provide a letter of your health declaration; it should be signed by the proper authority in order to get a Chinese Visa for tourism. This process is to ensure your safety in the journey.

People Under the Age of 18

Whoever, applying for a Chinese visa and is under the age of 18 requires the following documents.

• A proper birth certificate.

• A copy of their parents/guardians’ legal passport and identification cards.

• A consent letter signed by both the parents of the child.

Evidence of Vaccination

You have to provide evidence of your vaccination from covid. The authorities will not accept the Tourist Visa application if you do not provide evidence of your vaccination. If your visa gets accepted, then you will also have to get a covid test done.

All the details about the Documents for the Chinese Visa have been mentioned above. If you face any problem, you can get visa consultancy from the customer care services. Just make sure that all the documents are valid and legal.

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