How Can I Extend My Chinese Visa?

Chinese Authorities do not allow the extension of any type of visa under any circumstance. If your visa is about to expire, then you will have to apply for a new one, the old one can not be extended. However, there is one exception, if you are already in the country and your visa is about to expire but you don’t have time to get a new one because of some critical emergency, then and only then you can apply for the extension of your visa for China.

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PSB (Public Security Bureau)

In the case mentioned above, you have to visit the Entry and Exit Office of the Public Security Bureau. It is recommended that you bring a Chinese friend with you who is proficient in speaking the language because, at the office of PSB, they only speak Chinese and are not fluent in English. If you do not know anyone there then ask for help in the international hotel you are staying.

Protocols to Follow

You have to make sure that you are applying 7 days ahead of your visa expiration date, if not then your visa will not be extended and you will have to apply for a new one. The administration will view your application and they will tell you within 7 days if your extension for a Chinese work visa is accepted or not.

If you apply in time when there are less than 7 days remaining in the expiration of your visa, the administration has the right to fine you a heavy amount and, in some cases, they have the right to deport you as soon as possible.

Priority Cases in Visa Extension

The Authorities of PSB priorities the following cases while issuing the extension of the Chinese Visa no matter if it is work or any other type:

• If the applicant is more than 60 years of age.

   If the age is less than 16 years.

• If this is not the first visit of the applicant in China and the applicant has visited China multiple times.

• If the applicant has a record of staying in China more than 50%.

• If someone or a third party in China is funding the stay of the applicant in China.

Extension Fee of Chinese Work

The extension fees of Chinese Work Visas are different for different countries. But there are three prices. They charge CYN 160 for the rest of the countries, the US citizens need to pay CYN 760, and the UK citizens need to pay CYN 469. It all depends on the country you belong to.

Documents for the Extension of Work Visa

You will need some documents while applying for the extended Chinese Visa.

• A copy of the registry of your temporary residency in China. You can get one from the international hotel you are staying in, they will provide you with a slip. If you are staying

• somewhere else then get your residency registered by the police station of the area you are staying in.

• Provide a copy of the visa, the one whose extension you are applying for.

• A copy of your passport.

• Fill up the application form for the extension and make sure to describe the details and the reason for which you are applying for the extension.

• A copy of the company’s business and working license in which you are working.

All the details are mentioned about the process and ways of extending the work visa of China which answers the question of many people who ask what is the easy way to extend my Visa?

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