7 Reasons For Indian E Visa Rejection

What are the reasons that make an embassy reject or deny the Indian E visa? This is the question that many people require the answer for while they are applying for a visa in India. Whenever a visa of an individual gets rejected, there is always something unwilling or unsatisfactory related to the visa application or any other legal document that is related to the visa. There are numerous visa applicants that get confused regarding the rejection or refusal of visas.

In this article, we are going to discuss seven important reasons for the rejection of an Indian E Visa.

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Fake Or False Documentation

One of the most common concerns that are being observed in the rejection of an Indian e visa is the attempt of the individuals to present fake or false travel documentation to the required embassy. This includes a person trying to present the fake or misinterpret identity which conveniently leads to visa denial.

Deteriorated Passport

Another important reason for the visa refusal is that people sometimes present a passport that is not well-kept and maintained and is in poor condition. In such cases, the passport might be missing a page or detaching or have bad stains, or missing a cover.

Mismatch of The Information 

The Indian visa can also be rejected by the required embassy if the passport seems to be invalid or mismatched information such as not presenting your name accurately in all the required fields etc. So it is highly important to fill in all the required fields of the passport or any other documents related to the visa with accurate information such as date of birth, passport number, place of birth, etc.

Unreasonable Letter Of Reference

Another vital reason why the embassy would reject the Indian e visa is the lack of provision of a formal letter of reference that includes authentic letterhead with contact and address details of the company. Signature or stamp being missed by the author on the formal letter or lacking to present the reference letter timely.

Any Current or Past Criminal Act

The present or past actions of the applicants matter a lot when it comes to the acceptance and rejection of the visa. The refusal of the Indian e visa for an individual might occur in case the person seems a threat or danger to internal security, public policy, or even threat to public wealth also such as drug addiction, child abuse, terrorism, or any other serious crime.

Improper or Insufficient Explanation of The Purpose Of The Stay

Another reason for Indian e visa being rejected by the embassy is the failure of the provision of required justification for the trip and stay being planned. These circumstances may include failure to present professional qualification or employment details that match the financial situation of the person. Also, the inability to provide the required documents to support the cause of traveling may also lead to Indian visa refusal. Sometimes the inability to present timely and unchanging declarations of the objective of travel may also cause visa denial.

Inaccurate Travel Insurance

The inability of a person to offer accurate travel insurance coverage for the required time span of stay in India might also lead to the rejection of an Indian visa of a person by the embassy. 

Final Takeaway!

Therefore, It is very important for the individuals applying for the Indian visa to keep in check all the required documents with valid details that will lead to the smooth functioning of the whole visa process and to ensure that your visa doesn't get rejected.

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