How To Avoid Indian E Visa Rejection?

One of the most common issues that many people face these days while applying for an Indian e-visa is that it may get rejected for various reasons that are unknown to people. You don’t get to know the reason properly behind the denial of a visa in the first place which makes the overall procedure quite delayed and frustrating as well. The applicants also have to face the non-refunding and have to apply for it all over again. In this article, we are going to discuss a variety of ways through which you can easily avoid the rejection of your Indian e-visa due to trivial reasons.

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Applying For Visa At Least A Month Before The Trip

Many people apply for a visa usually a few days before their planned trip which is the wrong approach because the visa application process needs a significant amount of time to process properly to cater to any complications that could possibly occur. It is ideal to apply for the visa one month before the planned trip so that the process can become more streamlined.

Carefully Match The Information Of The Form With Official Documents

While filling the visa form, many applicants make the mistake of mismatched information such as date of birth, name spellings, etc on both application form and passport are not similar, etc. It is quite crucial that you must add all the information that is being requested in a careful and proper manner and also in a required format and as per the documentation of traveling. Therefore, you must ensure to write the required information in an accurate manner.

Provide Sufficient Explanation of The Purpose of Trip

Another main reason for visa rejection is that many people don’t offer sufficient explanation for their purpose of travel or required trip. As visas are issued to the individuals on the basis of specified purpose of visit. That is why you are required to provide a reason that is sufficient enough to support your purpose of visit.

Make Sure That Your Documents Have No Discrepancies 

One of the common reasons for visa rejection is that people submit damaged, expired, or irrelevant documents or passports with no blank pages which becomes one of the major reasons for Indian e-visa rejection. It is very important to carefully check each document by yourself to make sure there are no discrepancies in them while submitting to the embassy.

Make Sure To Submit Complete Application Form

You must also keep in mind while applying for the Indian e-visa that you must submit the form after carefully completing it rather than leaving it incomplete or not carefully going through the entire application form which may cause any sort of issue in the visa proceedings further by the embassy. As the visa application process is quite crucial and holds importance for a person who has to travel for a specific purpose, therefore, it requires the same amount of determination and attention to detail while submitting it to the required embassy.

Be Prepared For The Visa Interview 

You must also ensure to be prepared for the visa interview as some people do take it casually and don't consider it important enough to prepare it well and might get rejected on the basis of poor visa interviews. You should be well aware of the purpose of traveling, must know about the relevant documents, and should be confident enough during the interview session to easily clear it in the first place.

Wrapping Up!

Successful visa processing is not at all a big deal when you are fully aware of the various aspects that could go wrong and also know ways to avoid it.

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