All things you should know about Vietnam Business Visa

Business visa for Vietnam is categorized into DN1 and DN2 visa. It is issued to foreigners entering Vietnam for business reasons, that is:

1. DN1 visa: It is issued to expatriates working with other companies and businesses with legal status under the laws of Vietnam.

2. DN2 Visa: This visa is granted to foreign citizens who come to Vietnam to provide services, organize a commercial presence, or engage in other activities under international agreements to which Vietnam is a party.
While Vietnam tourist visa holders are not allowed to work in Vietnam, business visa holders are permitted to take a holiday trip while doing business in Vietnam.


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What are the Vietnam Business Visa (DN Visa) requirements?

To acquire a business visa or DN visa, you have to prepare the necessary documents, which are as follows:

  • A passport with almost six months validity and two clear pages for Vietnam's visa and immigration stamp.
  • Two passport-sized pictures.
  • Letter of sponsorship from a certified organization in Vietnam.
  • Visa Application for Vietnam.

How can I obtain a Vietnamese Business Visa?

At present, there are two ways to obtain a Vietnamese business visa:

1. Business visa on arrival:

This type of application doesn't need any travel. All you or your sponsor organization need to do is fill in the secure online form with some personal and travel information and provide it to the travel agency or visa application center with the necessary documents for the business visa sponsorship. Then you will receive a visa letter by mail within a specific time and acquire a visa stamp on arrival at Vietnam airport.

2. Business visa at the Vietnamese embassy oversea:

This way, before applying, you need to contact the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate Office for guidance.

How Much Does Vietnam Business Visa Cost?

1. Visa at the Vietnamese Embassy and Consulate:

The fees vary from embassy to embassy and depend on the duration of stay and the number of entries. You can contact the embassy or consulate office for more information.

2. Visa on Arrival: 

Type of Visa Service Fee Stamping Fee
One Month Single Entry $ 90 $ 25
One Month Multiple Entry $ 95 $ 50
Three Month Single Entry $ 120 $ 25
Three Month Multiple Entry $ 135 $ 50

You may also have to pay a fee ranging from $25 to $135 directly at the immigration desks at the airport, based on the duration of your visa. This fee is called stamp duty.

The above fees are for normal service with seven business days processing time. You have to pay additionally:

  • $30/person for three business day processing.
  • $50/person for two business days processing.

Vietnam Business Visa Processing Time:

Vietnam business visa processing time depends on how you receive your visa.

1. Visa on arrival: Five to seven business days to get the approval letter. But if you want it urgently, you can obtain it in two to three working days.

2. Visa at the embassy: depends on the embassy.


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