What is the processing time of a Chinese business visa?

A business visa (F visa) is provided to a foreign citizen who is invited to visit China for business exchange, research, lecture, education, technology, culture, and sports, or to participate in different kinds of exhibitions or trade fairs or short-term study, internship, for a maximum period of 6 months. All visitors with an ordinary passport must obtain a valid visa to enter and visit China. If an individual is applying for a Chinese business visa for the first time, the very first question that arises in his mind is How long does it take to get a Chinese business visa? Or, What is the processing time of a Chinese business visa application? Visa How long can I get a visa for China? This article will discuss the processing time of Chinese business visas to answer your queries.

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Regular Processing Time for Chinese Business Visa:

Candidates should first prepare a valid passport with a validity period of at least six months, a fully completed Chinese business visa application form with a photo, and other required documents. And then, you can either apply directly to the Chinese Consulates and Embassies personally or via the recognized China Visa Application Service Center (CVASC). Then wait for the application to be processed by the Chinese Embassy and Consulate. As a rule, a regular application takes four working days if all documents meet the requirements. Shipping and return times are not included. Usually, you can pick up your passport and Chinese business visa (if approved) on the 4th to 5th working day after submitting it.

Your visa application for China may take longer to process in the following situations:

The request from the Chinese Embassy and Consulate officer when requested for an interview, additional documents, and other occasions.

Application by mail/post takes approx. Ten working days.

If you use CVASC's mail-back service, several days are required.

Expedited Chinese Business Visa Processing Time:

Apart from regular service, candidates may use express or rush service to speed up the visa processing time. Suppose you have an emergency or get a Chinese Business Visa fast. In that case, you can select expedited service with some additional fees (including visa fees by embassy & service charges by CVASC). But note that express and rush application service is only valid in a few countries and approved by the Chinese Embassy and Consular Offices for utmost emergencies.

1. Express Service: 2-3 business days, can be picked up on the 3rd or 4th business day.

2. Rush Service: 1 business day, can be picked up on the same day or next business day.

If you are a US passport holder, you can get the Same Day China Visa in the afternoon. If you submit your application to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate before noon and get it approved successfully, you can get the visa on the same day. Other nationality holders using rush service may pick up on the 2nd working day.

Hope the above information will answer your queries and concerns about the processing time of business visa applications. You can visit PassportsandVisas.com to get passport and visa services for various countries like China, Russia, India, and many more.

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