10-year Chinese visa for Canadian and US citizens

10-year Chinese Visa:

The 10-year Chinese visa enables its holders to arrive in China multiple times during its validity period of up to ten years without the hassle of requesting a visa again and again. Can I obtain a 10-year visa for China? You can ask. Well, at present, the Chinese multiple-entry visa is valid for ten years for citizens of the USA, Canada, Argentina, and the UK. According to some reports, the 10-year Chinese visa for Australians is on the way, but not yet sure when it will happen.

Below are some details on the 10-year Chinese visa for US and Canadian nationals.

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10-year Chinese Visa Requirements and documents:

Are the requirements for a 10-year Chinese visa different from a regular visa application? Generally, they are pretty similar to regular visa application requirements.

The required documents for a 10-year Chinese Visa are as follows:

A 10-year Chinese visa application form is required with the candidate's recent photograph pasted over it. Remember that the application form must be typewritten. When completing the form, you must tick and indicate the 10-years field.

A valid passport is needed. For US nationals, the validity stay must be a minimum of one year. For Canadian nationals, the validity stay must be longer than the expected duration of the visa.

Documents supporting your purpose of entry. For instance, when applying for a tourist visa, you may have to give hotel booking documents and round-trip air tickets for the first entry or a letter of invitation from your relatives or friends in China.

10-year Chinese Visa Applying Procedure:

When all the documents are available, you can go to the Chinese consulate office near your place of residence, and usually, you do not have to make an appointment. Canadian citizens must contact the CVASC. It is recommended to book an appointment on the CVASC website to avoid waiting. Then wait about four business days for the result and pick up your passport and visa on the date mentioned on your pick-up slip.

How Prolong can I Stay in China on a 10-year Chinese Visa?

10-year China Visa Categories Maximum Stay Length per Entry
Business or M Visa  60 days
Tourist or L Visa 60 days
Private or S2 Visa 120 days
Family Reunion or Q2 Visa 90 days

10-year Chinese Visa Fee for US and Canadian citizens:

Despite its longer validity, the 10-year visa for China is no more expensive than a short-term visa for China.

A 10-year Chinese visa for American citizens costs $ 140.

The fee for a 10-year Chinese visa for Canadian nationals is 110 Canadian dollars. But, since Canadian citizens have to do it at the CVASC (Chinese Visa Application Service Center), they have to pay an extra service fee to the center.

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