Common Reasons for your Chinese visa refusal

It is not uncommon for your Chinese visa application to be refused. China is also known for its strict visa policies, while visa approval prices are not that high. As frustrating as it is, the consular officers seem indifferent and may not be willing to give a reason for the visa refusal. Here are a few more pointers that may help you avoid visa denial or find out why your application was denied.


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1. Error in China visa application form:

The application form is essential as it will be looked at by the consular officer who decides whether you will be granted a visa or not. Handwritten application forms are now rejected. Inaccurate details such as misspellings, incorrect passport numbers, or invalid addresses can result in your access being denied. 

2. Unqualified Photo:

The submitted photo does not fulfill the specifications. Inappropriate background, colors, size, photo paper texture, etc., all contribute to an uncertified photo.

3. Missing Documents:

Review the current application requirements for your visa type and collect all required documents before submitting your application. If any of these are missing, your application may be rejected.

4. Citizen of a Hated Country:

The candidate is from a country with frequent wars, terrorist attacks, or political unrest, whose citizens often overstay their visas, or from a country with pinched relations with China.

5. Criminal Record:

The candidate has a criminal record. It doesn't mean that the application will be automatically rejected. However, if the candidate has committed a serious offense or crime, there is a high chance that the visa will be rejected.

7. Contagious Disease:

The candidate has a contagious disease like Hepatitis B or AIDS. It is not a big deal for temporary visa applications like business visas and tourist visas in many cases. However, this can be a problem for a student visa or a work visa, although not specifically regulated by Chinese law.

8. Sensitive Professional Holders:

Candidates working in the media, military, or religious industries may face a higher visa rejection rate, known as sensitive jobs by the Chinese government.

What To Do After Your China Visa Has Rejected?

Calm down, and don't lose your hope. You can appeal the rejection and provide additional information to update your application if allowed. The Consular officers can decide whether to consider the application on a case-by-case basis. Alternatively, you can apply for a Chinese visa again. If you apply again, we recommend you utilize a visa agency this time, as they are experts and familiar with the entire procedure.

Can I Get a Refund If My Chinese Visa is Rejected?

In general, you will not get a refund if your Chines visa is rejected. The visa fee is non-refundable as it is paid to process your application. The consular officers put effort and time into the processing despite the results.

How long do I have to wait before I can apply again?

There is a cooling-off period before you can apply again, usually three months. However, it is not fixed. If you are in a hurry, you should contact a visa agency as soon as possible to help you reapply.

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