How can I Extend and Renew my Chinese Visa?

China Visa Renewal and Extension:

In general, it is not possible to extend or renew a Chinese visa to another type once issued. But, if you want a multiple-entry visa or need a different kind of visa, you can, in many cases, apply within China.

Currently, one month seems to be the standard time to extend a regular tourist visa. However, the total duration of the extended-stay must not exceed the duration of your original visa.

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From Where can I extend or renew my Chinese visa?

The process is very similar to requesting outside the Chinese Embassy. However, you must apply to the PSB (Public Security Bureau) Entry and Exit Administration Office at the county level. Smaller centers may not be good in English, so taking a Chinese friend with you is a good approach.

When to Apply for Chinese Visa Renewal and Extension?

According to the legislation, you must submit the extension application at least seven days before your visa expiry date. PSB officers will provide you with a receipt once they have accepted your request or application and make the final decision within seven days. You may overstay and face fines and possible deportation if you apply too late.

The new visa is valid from the date of issuance, and at the same time, the old one becomes invalid. So you cannot have two visas at the same time.

How can I extend or renew my Chinese Visa?

The documents that you have to prepare in advance are your passport, a recent passport size photo, a brief stay application form, and proof of the reasons for renewing or extending your Chinese visa, for instance, submitting an itinerary when applying for a tourist visa extension.

Typically, the applicant should come personally to the PSB to apply. Upon arrival, fill out a visa application form and stick your photo to it. Then apply.

In the following cases, an agency or others can apply on behalf of the applicant:

1.  The candidate is under 16 or over 60 years old or has mobility difficulties.

2.  A welcoming entity or individual is funding the candidate's visit.

3. The candidate is not a first-time visitor to China and has a good record of past visits.

How to get the Application Form for Temporary Stay for Overseas Visitors?

Residence registration stems from the regulation that all foreign citizens register their residential details within a day after arriving in China.

If you stay in a certified hotel to assist foreign citizens, they can issue you with a hotel registration certificate. If this is not the case, you must obtain a residence registration certificate from the police station in your place of residence, where you must already have registered. So if you are living in an unauthorized hotel or staying with friends or in a flat but not registered, you should either stay or register in an authorized hotel for one night to get the receipt.

How Much Does it Cost to Extend a Chinese Visa?

For citizens of most countries, the fee is 160 CNY. Whereas, for some specific countries, the price may vary. US nationals have to pay CNY 760 for renewal while UK nationals need CNY 469.

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