Which China Visa Application Mistakes Causes Delays?

In order to enter China, you would need a Chinese Visa. If you want to get a Chinese Visa, you will have to apply first. The one thing that you have to make sure of while applying is, you can’t make any mistakes. Mistakes lead to unwanted delays in your visas. If you have made any mistake in the visa application then the authorities will inform you about it and then you will correct it and then the process of China Visa will start again. Here is all you need to know about the delays caused by mistakes that can be avoided while applying.

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Common Mistakes that Cause Delays

Here are some of the common mistakes that people make while filling out the China Visa application form.

•      The Use of Abbreviations:

If you are using abbreviations in the application then you have to know that it will cause you trouble and unwanted delays. The main reason is that if you use an abbreviation, it can have many meanings and abbreviations can’t be specific. Especially when you are using abbreviations for your company’s name.

•      Signing in the Right Place:

You are supposed to sign at the end of section 4 not at the end of section 5 of the application. A lot of people make this mistake and at the end of the day, their visa gets delayed.

•      Un Filled Section:

Not making sure if all the sections are filled and all the questions have been answered can cause you trouble. And that is why you have to make sure that all the sections are completely filled.

•      Missing Documents:

Before submitting the application, you have to make sure that all the documents that are required for a China Visa have been attached with the application. Otherwise, your visa can get rejected or delayed.

•      Providing Incomplete Information:

If you have not provided complete information on the application form then your visa can get delayed. For instance, you have only mentioned the name of the hotel and the name of the city, which is not enough. You will have to provide the complete address of the places you will be going to or the place where you will be staying at.

•      Wrong Selection of Entries:

You are allowed to select specific things that the type of visa you have chosen, allows. For instance. you applied for a single-entry visa; you cannot mark multiple entries on the application form. You will mark those things that your visa supports and provides.

•      Unmatching Information:

The information you write in the application should match the documents. If you have attached documents that have different information and you are talking about something completely different from the documents then it will likely cause some delays and some problems for you.

•      Providing Wrong Address:

If you provide a PO box address rather than your house/apartment/suite address with the street no and block then your visa can get delayed.

If you make any of the above-mentioned mistakes, you can get in trouble with unwanted delays. So, you should avoid these mistakes that can cause delays in your Chinese visa.


If you need a visa as soon as possible then you should try your best to avoid any type of mistake in the application. What you need to do is to re-check the written form of application form twice or thrice. And re-check the documents as well. Make sure that all the documents required are attached to the application. By avoiding China Visa mistakes, you can get your Chinese visa right on time, without any delay.

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