How to Apply for a Chinese Visa From the USA?

Chinese Visa is legal permission that allows you to visit the country for a specific period of time. The time allowed for the visa holder will depend on the types of visas you will be applying for. You can get a visa ranging from a few weeks to a few months and years. The application process is not that difficult and you can fill it up in a few minutes. Here are all the details about the process of applying for a Chinese Visa from the USA.

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Application Types

From the USA, an easy way to apply for a Chinese Visa is to apply online. By online application, you will just have to download the application from an online official website and then fill it up, attach all the documents. After doing that you will submit the documents on the same official website. It will only take from 6 to 10 minutes.

Another method to apply for a Chinese visa is to visit the embassy and apply for the visa by submitting the application with the documents in hard copy form.

Procedure of Application

Here is how you can apply for a Chinese visa from the USA.

Make sure all the below-mentioned documents and papers are attached.

•      You have to provide them with the proof of your residency that you will be going to use.

•      Colored two passport-sized photos.

•      Passport that is at least six months ahead of expiration at the time you apply for the visa. And the passport must have two blank pages.

•      An original invitation letter and a copy of it as well.

•      Pu letter is also mandatory to attach.

•      Document of visa central order form.

•      A visa application form; make sure that it is printed perfectly without any misprints and don't miss out on any section. After printing it out make sure to match it from the online form.

•      If you have old visas then attach a copy of them as well.

•      You will also have to provide a detailed history of your travels for the last six months.

•      Vaccination is extremely important these days because of the deadly Covid-19. So, you have to attach the vaccination certificate/proof with the application.

•      Describe the reason for your visit in detail. The places you will be visiting and where you will be staying.

•      After filling out the form and attaching the documents that are required, you have to submit the application. Do make sure to check that all the sections are filled accurately.

Procedure After Submission of Application

When you have submitted the application, you have to wait for the official response from the authorities. You will be called for an interview. You have to make sure that you are well prepared. It is best if you keep the answers to the point and brief.

Time Required for Application to Proceed

The officials respond within 15 days. It will take longer than 30 days for you to get the Chinese visa. In some rare cases, the time duration gets stretched to 90 days but in very rare cases. You just have to wait patiently.


You can get a Chinese Visa from the USA either by applying online or by visiting the embassy office. Fill out the form with your 100% attention to avoid any mistakes. Follow the above-mentioned procedure and steps and you will get the Chinese Visa without getting into trouble. It is important for the applicant to not have any type of criminal record. If the applicant has one, then the China visa for the USA will be rejected.

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