Vietnam multiple entry visa

A multiple-entry visa for Vietnam is a visa that permits its bearers to enter and exit Vietnam multiple times during the validity period of their visa. It is also known as a "re-entry Vietnam visa." This type of Vietnamese visa is suitable for those who wish to visit Vietnam several times during a certain period.

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Types of Multiple Entry Visa for Vietnam

At present, based on the purpose of visit and validity of the visa, a multiple-entry visa to Vietnam is categorized into:

Vietnam Tourist Visa

  • One month tourist visa
  • Three months tourist visa
  • One year tourist visa (for US passport bearers only)

Vietnam Business Visa

  • One month business visa
  • Three months business visa
  • Six months business visa
  • One year business visa

Additionally, Vietnamese people living abroad and their spouses and children and Vietnamese nationals can request a five-year multiple-entry visa for Vietnam.

How to Obtain Multiple Entry Vietnam Visa?

Currently, visitors may have up to two options to obtain a multiple-entry tourist or business visa for Vietnam, namely:

  1. Obtain visa from Vietnam embassy
  2. Obtain visa upon arrival

Let's understand the steps and documents of each option in detail.

1. Obtain Visa from Vietnam Embassy

Usually, the procedure for obtaining a visa at the Vietnamese embassy includes:

  1. Preparation of visa application documents such as original passport, photograph(s), completed application form, and sponsorship letter from a Vietnam-based organization for business visa application.
  2. Travel to the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate office to submit the application form and pay the visa fee, or post all documents and visa fees to the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate office address.
  3. Obtain the visa and original passport personally at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate Office or have it returned to you by post.

This procedure and the above-mentioned necessary documents are not the same for all Vietnam Embassies or Consulates abroad.

2. Obtain a Vietnam Visa on Arrival

For visitors, the procedure and necessary documents to obtain a multiple entry visa on arrival (VOA) in Vietnam are almost the same. It includes three steps which are as follows:

  1. Fill out the online application form with details involving full name, date of birth, passport number, and expiry date, and pay the service charges via credit card.
  2. Receive a visa Approval Letter by email within a specified timeframe (two business days for a tourist visa or seven business days for a business visa).
  3. Get visa stamp on arrival at Vietnam International Airport by presenting Visa Approval Letter, two passport-sized pictures, Entry & Exit form, and stamp duty at VOA desk at Vietnam International Airport on landing.

And to obtain a multiple-entry Vietnam visa on arrival, visitors must have their first arrival in Vietnam by air. The exits and subsequent entries can be made with all means of transport.

How Much Does a Multiple Entry Visa to Vietnam Cost?

The multiple entry visa fee for Vietnam may vary based on your option to obtain your visa.

  1. For Embassy Visas: Vietnam visa fees vary from embassy-to- embassy you are applying to. The fee is paid once at the Vietnamese Consulate or Embassy.
  2. For Visa on Arrival: Fees vary on what type of visa you are applying for. You need to pay two types of fees: service charges and stamp duty. While the service charges are paid online to obtain a pre-approval visa letter, the stamping fee must be paid in cash at Vietnam International Airport to stamp the visa.
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