How to get a Vietnam student visa?

A student visa can be easily obtained if you have received admission to a higher education institute in Vietnam. You can also arrive in Vietnam on a tourist visa, take admission to a course, and then apply for a student visa to change your visa status at the Immigration Service.



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Documents Required for Vietnamese Student Visa

International students who want to obtain a Vietnamese student visa must first be admitted as a student in Vietnam. They may take admission to educational institutes to study the Vietnamese language or any other subject.

  • Complete an application form available at the immigration office. Submit it along with the required documents to the nearest Vietnamese embassy or consulate:
  • A duplicate of your original passport and two passport-sized photographs
  • Letter of Acceptance: It should be provided by the educational institute where you are enrolled
  • Cover letter: This letter must be issued by the sponsor or guardian
  • Registration or Application fee
  • Educational certificates such as subject information, grades, and diplomas or degrees obtained
  • Proof of financial means
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Medical certificate
  • Flight tickets
  • Proof of adequate knowledge of English or Vietnamese language

Steps to apply for a Vietnamese Student Visa

Below is what you have to do to secure your Vietnamese student visa.

1. Enroll in the University of Vietnam

Select a university and a course to which you would like to apply. Submit the required documents, namely:

  • High school certificate for bachelor's candidates or bachelor's/master's degree for graduate candidates.
  • CV (Curriculum Vitae)
  • Clean criminal record
  • Proof of English or Vietnamese language skills
  • Proof of financial standing

Your university may need additional documents. So, be sure to double-check their policies before proceeding. Once approved, you can enroll in the course. Evidence of your enrollment and a photocopy of your payment slip is required for the Vietnamese student visa application procedure.

2. Application for Permission Correspondence

Most institutes have International Student Offices that can support the application. You can apply the approval correspondence from them, which they receive from the Vietnam immigration authority.

This procedure takes about one month, so plan your application schedule accordingly.

3. Complete and submit the required documents

Ensure that you have completed the above documents before proceeding with your application. If not, the missing papers can cause serious Vietnamese student visa processing delays.

You must submit these complete documents to the International Office at your university to begin the process.

4. Pay the Required Fees

Also, you will have to pay the cost of the Vietnamese student visa to facilitate your application.

5. Wait for Visa Processing

The processing time can take between 3-14 days, based on your location.

6. Recieve your Visa

Once your Vietnam student visa is ready, you can collect it from the Vietnamese consulate or embassy in your country.

If there is no Vietnamese embassy or consulate office in your area, you must tell your institute. The International Student Office will issue you with a pre-approved visa letter stating where to receive and pay for the visa in Vietnam.

This service is accessible in Vietnam's main ports: Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi and Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh.

7. Request for the visa extension

After arriving in Vietnam, submit your application two weeks before its expiry. It gives sufficient time for processing and so on.

You can submit the above documents to your university's International Student Office (ISO). They facilitate the extension of the residence application on your behalf.

If your institute does not provide this service, you can apply for an extension of stay at the following places:

  • Danang Immigration Bureau in Hai Chau
  • Ho Chi Minh Immigration Department in District 3
  • Hanoi Immigration Department in Ba Dinh district.

How Much Money Do I Require for a Vietnam Student Visa?

The cost of the visa varies depending on its stay duration and number of entries:

  • USD 35 for a single-entry visa valid for three months
  • USD 60 for a multiple-entry visa, valid for three months
  • USD 105 for a multiple-entry visa, with 3-6 months validity
  • USD 145 for a multiple-entry visa, valid for six months to one year

Applying for a multiple-entry student visa for Vietnam is recommended if you intend to return to your homeland within three or six months.

For the residence permit extension, you have to pay another 100 US dollars.

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