How to Replace a Lost Passport

Get one of the forms if your trip won't last longer than four weeks. You can double-check your application without submitting new applications to ensure you filled it out accurately the first time. It can also take about three weeks to secure your passport using this essential service, but it may take longer in the summer when temperatures are high, so plan ahead.

The principal thing to do is to ensure your identification is lost and not recently lost. If you start the most common way of supplanting your failed designation and find it, it will have proactively been dropped by the US State Department and won't be substantial for movement. Our assistant will explain to you the best option to replace a lost identification, including all requirements for replacing a lost visa.

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Lost Passport - Eligibility

You will be qualified to supplant your lost visa on the off chance that you can demonstrate your US citizenship. It is beneficial, yet not needed, to realize the visa number and dates of issuance and expiry of the identification you lost. (For this reason, we generally suggest you keep a copy of your title someplace safe!)

Bit by bit Guide to Get Your Lost Passport Replaced

1Gather all archives expected for lost visa substitution.

You can get your visa supplanted with assisted help!

•        Evidence of US Citizenship - This can be either a birth endorsement (unique or ensured duplicate) or a lapsed visa. If you are presenting an expired identification, your look should resemble how you seem in the visa photos on the previous visa.

•        DS-11 Application Form, finished disconnected or can be finished up online at printed.

•        Identification Form DS-64, "Proclamation concerning a Lost or Stolen Passport." Assuming that you are finishing up your structures manually, you should finish up this structure independently.

•        One identification photograph

•        Copy of your driver's permit or other state-gave ID (front and back)

•        Flight schedule or other evidence of itinerary items (possibly required assuming you want to assist help for lost identification substitution)

•Identification replacement costs for lost items (will be paid at the Passport Acceptance Agent, see underneath). You will need two checks: one for $130 ($190 if you want expedited assistance for lost visa substitute) made payable to the "US Department of State" and a second check for $35 to cover the Passport Acceptance Agent fee.

• The cost of a 2021 passport has increased as of December 27. For the most recent information, if it's not too much trouble, check out our updated content on how much a visa costs.

Agent accepting passports

Visit a passport acceptance agent, where a representative will check your application before placing it in an official envelope. These Agents can be found at the principal branch or your nearby US Post Offices and Clerk of the Court workplaces. A few specialists might expect you to make an arrangement.

3. Have your identification application handled in one of three ways:

1.       By Mail - Your fixed envelope will be sent by the Passport Acceptance Agent to be handled at the National Passport Center.

2.       At a Passport Agency - For quicker administration, you can visit a US Passport Agency to have your lost identification substitution handled nearby. There are 26 Passport Agencies in urban communities across the US, and you'll have to make an arrangement ahead of time for the administration.

3.       By a Passport Expediting Company - Need to get your lost visa supplanted quickly? You can have your visa superseded by a respectable identification facilitating organization. They will hand-convey the fixed envelope with your application to a Passport Agency for handling.

At, you can apply for an expedited replacement passport.

Instructions to Get a New Passport Fast

Applying for a lost identification substitution via mail will require as long as 11 weeks to get your new visa. Sped-up help for failed identification substitution via mail is accessible for an extra $60 government expense, which will have your access back to you in 5-7 weeks. A lot quicker administration is accessible if you go face to face to a Passport Agency or utilize a ticket, speeding up the organization to handle your lost identification substitution.

There are 26 Passport Agencies in the US, situated in significant urban communities. To visit one, arrange by calling the National Passport Information Center at 877-487-2778. Utilizing an identification to speed up organization is a more straightforward choice. You won't have to make any arrangements. You can use a conveyance administration like UPS or Federal Express to send in your fixed envelope instead of visiting an office face to face.

What if I needed my passport earlier?

If you've got an overseas trip planned in less than a month, You'll have to take advantage of this Speed Track option. This necessitates scheduling an appointment with the Passport Office (you can choose from Belfast, Durham, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Newport, or Peterborough), and you'll be required to submit:

• An application form that is completed

• Two valid passport photos

• Any supporting documents.

You'll receive your new passport within seven days. However, these appointments are booked quickly, especially during peak season, so make sure you book your appointment early as you can.

Can I use the one-day Premium Service?

Even though an essential renewal can be completed within a single day, lost passports cannot be replaced with the Passport Office's premium service for one day. There are some exceptions, however, only in the most extreme situations, such as emergency medical situations or if you've experienced a bereavement. You'll need to contact your Passport Office directly if that's the situation.

Applicants under the age of 16

Each parent must be present with the child and provide evidence to prove parenthood (such as a birth certificate or consular reports of birth abroad with parents and their names) and a photo I.D. issued by the government. When only one parent or guardian is present, Please refer to the details below.

If any custodial parent cannot attend, they must provide an unnotarized Form DS-3053 Declaration of Consent. When the form is submitted and signed, a copy of that identical identity document used for notarization must also be provided.

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