How Long Does It Take To Get A Nigerian Visa?

Many people these days are planning to visit Nigeria for various purposes and get concerned about the fact that how long does it take to get a Nigerian visa?.

For your concern, you will get the Nigerian Visa in 2 days to 6 days after you apply for a Nigeria Visa by visiting the Nigerian Embassy consulates and filling the Visa form online.

In this article, we will be letting you need to know about Nigeria Visa requirements. You can also apply online for a Nigerian visa. Also, there are Nigerian Visa on arrival facilities as well for tourists.

You have to select the Nigerian visa processing time while submitting your Nigerian visa application. Nigerian authorities will review your application and will decide to give you Visa or not depending on your application.


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Validity Of Nigerian Visa

The Nigerian visa is valid for 7 days to 90 days from the date of an issue depending on your requirement and visa application. Any visitor can stay up to 90 days in Nigeria upon getting the visa from the date of issue. Visitors need to complete their tour before the expiry of their Visa and must return a few days before to their respective countries.

There is also an option of a multiple entry visa which is also valid for 7 days to 90 days as you have to visit Nigeria two times within six months if you want to get the multiple entry visa. And you need to write a request for the multiple entry visa which is valid for six months with the visa application. The embassy has the right to reject your request for a six-month visa, if that’s the case then you will get the visa for only 90 days.

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Nigeria Visa Requirements - How to Get a Nigerian Visa

So, how to get a Nigeria Visa? Remember, getting the visa is totally dependent on the Nigerian authorities and your visa application. The official authorities either accept or reject your application for various reasons and factors.

Requirements for Nigerian Visa

Following are the Nigeria Visa requirements that you need to follow:

Valid Passport for Traveling to Nigeria

You need to provide your actual passport with a copy of the personal information page of your passport.

  • Your passport must be valid for at least six months.
  • The passport must have at least two blank pages apart from endorsements and amendments pages.
  • Your passport needs to be in an actual condition without any torn, wet or altered page   


You also need to provide two color passport size photographs.

  •  The Photographs must not be more than three months old.
  •  Both the Photographs must be the same and have a white background.
  •  Your face must be clear in the photographs
  •  Don’t provide any photograph in which you were wearing any hats and eyeglasses.

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Cover Letter

For a Nigerian business visa, you need to provide a cover letter from your business and company detailing the purpose of your visit to Nigeria. The cover letter must be addressed to the Nigerian ambassador or the embassy of Nigerian in your respective country.

 Invitation Letter

  •  If you are going for a business then you must provide an invitation letter from the local company or organization.
  • The invitation letter must be on the letterhead of that company.

Covid Certification Or Vaccination Proof

These days there is an additional requirement of Covid certification or vaccination proof and you must go through the PCR Covid-19 test 12 hours before your departure and the test result must be negative.

Proof of Income and Travel Funds:

You also need to provide your income proof along with the fund details that you have for the tour. You must have sufficient funds to cover all the expenses of your tour. Attach a copy of the last six months of your bank statement along with the visa application which contains your full name.

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