Can You Get a Passport During a Government Shutdown?

Emergencies happen. If you encounter an emergency traveling and a government shutdown comes your way, what will be the most likely scenario you can face regarding your passport during this time?

Can you get a passport during a government shutdown? Or your only faith is to wait until the government’s working resumes?

You may still obtain your U.S passport and other important documents despite the shutdown having an effect on many areas of the government. Unfortunately, because US Passport Offices are frequently found inside federal buildings, they won’t be open during the shutdown. To find out if a passport agency in your area is open, the U.S. State Department advises giving them a call in advance. If you require a new passport right away, you need to renew your passport, or you require additional important government documents, you can obtain them through a government-approved expediter, such as Fast port Passport. They can safeguard your passport or other important documents in 24 hours and are available despite the government shutdown.

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Delays and closed federal buildings

Keep in mind that processing times may be prolonged if you choose to use a passport office that is not housed in a federal building. Under normal circumstances, processing timeframes range from 4-6 weeks on average. Further delays are most likely due to the government shutdown. Be sure to plan for these delays. Despite the government shutdown, an expediting firm can obtain your passport for you in as short as 24 hours if you require one right away.

Travel Right Now! Bypass the Government Shutdown:

Can I get a passport during the government shutdown? Your passport and travel plans shouldn’t be one of the many things you worry about in today’s world. Your travel plans do not need to be impacted by the government shutdown. Considering the current state of the country now may be the ideal moment to find some peace and quiet. Utilize your passport right away.

Hopefully, by the time you get home, the government shutdown will be over.

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