Do You Need a Thailand Visa?

If you want to visit the country of Thailand, then you are definitely going to need a Thailand Visa. A visa is legal permission to enter the respective country. No matter for what reason you are going to visit the country, you will need a visa for Thailand in order to visit the country. Many people these days get concerned and ask about an easy way to get a Thailand visa. Here is all that you need to know about the visa of Thailand.

On-Arrival Visa Details

There are some countries whose citizens do not need to apply for a visa beforehand as they can visit Thailand on their passports only. When they arrive at the airport, the authorities will put a stamp on their passport and that will be their on-arrival visa. These visas are only valid for tourists and for no other reasons. Here is a list of countries that can visit Thailand with on-arrival visas.

• Bulgaria

• Bhutan

• Papua New Guinea

• Romania

• Saudi Arabia

• China

• Cyprus

• Ethiopia

• Fiji

• Georgia

•  Mexico

• Nauru

• Mauritius

• Taiwan

• Uzbekistan

• Vanuatu

• India

• Kazakhstan

• Malta

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Categories of Visa That You Can Apply For

Here is a list of categories and types of visas that you can apply for.

• The transit visas are of two types one is with a single entry and the other one is for double entry.

• A visa for tourism with a single entry.

• Business and work visas.

It is very important to choose a type of visa in the visa application form and you also have to mention each and single detail of your visit as well.

Documents That You Might Need

When you are filling up the application form for a visa for Thailand, you are going to need to attach a few documents with it as well that are mentioned below.

• A passport that has almost 6 months to expire.

• If you have any previous passports, then attach almost two copies of them with the visa application form.

• Attach your pictures that are passport-sized, almost two of them.

• Two copies of your valid ID card.

• You also have to submit a bank statement that says that you have resources of more than 100k in your bank account and not a single penny less.

• In case you are applying for multiple entry visas, the bank statement should be almost about 650k resources.

• You should attach a copy of your confirmed tickets both ways.

• A proof of hotel booking as well.

• The Visa fees voucher should be submitted to the embassy with all the other documents.

• You should also attach a registration certificate of the company that you are working in if it is non-government and not international.

Application Process of Thailand’s Visa

After attaching all the documents and filling up the application form for a visa for Thailand, the next thing to do is submit the supplication form at the Thailand Embassy and wait for them to respond. They will call you for an interview within 10 days and then you have to visit the Thailand Embassy for the interview.

Maximum Time For Visa Processing

The Thai Embassy takes about 5 days to respond and process your application but the maximum time is 10 days. It is recommended that you apply for Thailand visa almost 15 to 20 days ahead of your visit. By doing so, you will save lots of time and effort.

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