What are the various kinds of US passports?

Everything There Is To Know About Passports

What Exactly is a Passport?

A passport is an internationally recognised identity document that is used when travelling abroad. On demand, authorised institutions issue currency. Passports can be obtained either online or through institutions. The law governs passport applications and fees. Some passports require a passport fee and a minimum age of 25.

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Passport Types in The United States:

If you're wondering what types of US passports are available, we've written an entire article about it. In the case of the United States, there are various passport types, each issued for a specific reason, so before applying for an American passport book, make sure you're familiar with the different types of passports in the United States.

This guide will introduce you to all of the different types of passports, as well as explain which one you will need to apply for based on your specific circumstances. Continue reading to learn more about the different types of US passports and their features.

How Many Different Types of US Passports are There?

For citizens of the United States of America, there are five different types of passports, each with its own application process. The ordinary passport is charged a fee, whereas the others are not. You must choose one of the types of travel passports and apply for it based on the reason for your trip and your current status. Using the information provided below, you can learn more about each American passport book.

Personal (tourist) United States Passport

The personal US passport, also known as a "ordinary passport" or "regular passport," is one of the most popular of all passport types. It is a blue passport book that is issued to the vast majority of US citizens.If you want to travel, you should get a US passport. It is not appropriate for governmental use, but only for business, flight crew, education, employment, and tourist travel.

If issued to a person over the age of 16, this type of US passport is valid for ten years. Otherwise, it is only good for 5 years. The validity of your passport may be limited if you lose it, it is stolen, you owe money to the US government, and so on.

U.S. Diplomatic Passport

This is one of the types of US passports that are only issued to diplomatic employees and Foreign Service Officers. The passport book cover is black in colour. It is issued for government-funded travel purposes only and is not valid for personal travel. A diplomatic US passport has a 5-year validity period.

American Passport for Service

The service passport is one of the existing passport types in the United States, and it is issued to third-party contractors who travel to the country to support the government. If their trip cannot be completed with a regular passport, they are issued a service passport. The validity period is five years.

Official Passport of the United States

The official American passport is maroon in colour, and it is issued to employees and officials of the United States government who travel abroad for professional reasons related to their duties. Military personnel are also given it. The official US passport, like the other special issuance United States passport types, is not valid for personal travel and expires in 5 years.

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