How Long Is a Passport Valid - 2022 and Beyond

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All you have to do now is pack your bags and double-check that your passport is still valid! You'll need to make sure your passport is up to date and in your possession. Applying to replace a lost passport or renew a passport in a hurry can take a little longer, so let's get started and look at how long it takes to get a passport, what makes it valid, and more!

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How long is a Passport Good For?

When you look at your passport, you'll notice some important information about how long your passport is valid on the inside front cover, right next to your photograph. The passport's information page contains basic information about the passport, such as the bearer's surname, given name, photo, date, place of birth, and validity period. For these purposes, let us discuss passport validity, or how long a passport is valid.

Individuals aged 16 and up would have received an adult passport, which is valid for ten years from the date it was issued. Minors / Children under the age of 16 are issued passports with a five-year validity period.

It is important to note that even if a passport is valid in terms of its expiration date, there are two other items you must check to see if it is still valid. You must ensure that your passport has blank visa pages for entry visas and exit stamps. Most countries demand at least one blank page, and some demand two. You must ensure that your passport is in good condition. If a dog ate it and damaged it, the passport may no longer be valid.

Which Countries Require a Passport to Be Valid for Six Months?

A valid passport isn't always enough. Most countries' entry requirements state that a passport cannot expire within six months of arrival, and in some cases, the passport cannot expire until six months after the planned exit date. These rules are strictly enforced in many Asian and South American countries. Mexico and Canada do not currently require 6 months of validity, but it is best to check with us or your airline prior to departure.

When Is It Possible to Renew Your US Passport?

So, what if your passport is no longer valid? How do you get a passport renewal?

You can renew your adult passport at any time during its validity period, up to 5 years after it has expired. To be eligible for a passport renewal, you must still have the passport in your possession, it must not be damaged, and it must be within 15 years of the date the passport was issued.

Children's / Minor Passports are not eligible for renewal, and the applicant, like the first minor passport, must apply in person.

What Should You Do if You Misplace Your Passport?

If you have lost your passport, you can apply for a new one by simply filling out an additional passport form stating that you have lost your passport.

What if I Need to Expedite My Passport?

We can assist you if you need to renew or replace your passport quickly!

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