Is It Safe to Travel to Mexico Right Now 2022?

Traveling is fun, but considering safety and security concerns is a must before planning any trip, which is why a lot of people have questions like is it safe to travel to Mexico right now in 2022, what are the monkeypox and mexico covid restrictions, and how to cope with them, in their minds. Well, if that's stopping you from your next trip, here we are to help you unfold it.

Mexico is situated in the southern part of North America, between Central America and the United States. Its crystal clear beaches and ancient ruins can be the best possible attractions this vacation. 

Apart from the revealing beauty of Mexico, there is much more to know. But Mexico's increasing crime rate is pushing tourists to question their safety. Also, the monkeypox and Mexico covid travel restrictions have changed how trips used to be.

Is Mexico Dangerous? We can only answer this in detail. However, if Mexico is your next planned vacation spot, here are some important things to know before traveling.

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Mexico Covid Travel Restrictions 2022:

Mexico Covid 19 travel restrictions were relatively strict and tight during the past few years, then 2022. Most of the travel areas are now declared safe, but the condition in Mexico is a bit different.

Not entire Mexico, but some areas are still under the higher covid 19 risks making it difficult for tourists to enjoy their trips. Well, the mesmerizing and safest Mexico vacation spots are waiting for you, such as the luxurious resorts of Cancun, Baja California, Cabo San Lucas and more. 

Above all of this, Do you need to be vaccinated to go to Mexico in 2022? 

The most convenient part of traveling to Mexico 2022 is that you don't need to be quarantined or require a negative covid test report, or to show proof of vaccination to enter. The land border was also reopened during the end of the year 2021, which eases the movement of any traveler by road. 

Traveling back to the U.S. may require a negative covid test resort, for which you can easily contact the hotel management as most of the hotels and resorts in Mexico offer the covid testing.

While the Mexico Covid travel restrictions are not that strict these days, you may be asked to maintain a safe distance, wash and sanitize your hands frequently, wear masks everywhere and limit yourself indoors if you notice any symptoms. 

Even monkeypox travel restrictions are lenient when entering Mexico, which makes visiting Mexico stress-free and easy. If you are experiencing any monkeypox symptoms, you should avoid going on a trip; even if it happens during the visit to Mexico, distance yourself wisely.

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3 Most Renowned Crime Incidents in Mexico in Recent Times

According to the authorities, the crime rate in the state has fallen. But some areas are still under criminal attacks.

The 3 recent criminal incidents we are going to discuss are brutal and shocking; let's have a look:

Murder of the Manager of Mamita’s Beach Club, Playa Del Carmen

On 25 January 2022, the murder occurred at the renowned attraction spot, Mamitas beach club. The manager of the club was brutally shot dead. Just a few hours ago, the U.S. government issued a criminal alert, focusing on vacation hotspots.

The three gunshot wounds on the body indicate a lot, including extortion, revenge, and even anger. However, it depends on the conclusion. Some people believe murder is connected with killing two criminals just a few days ago.

Two men talked and shut the manager in the restroom, leaving in their watercraft after that. The incident frightened the visitors to this spot where the manager himself was not safe.

Fire in the Drug Rehabilitation

There was a fire in drug rehabilitation in Irapuato, which is in the state of Guanajuato. The place is also listed in the crime hotspots and one of the most dangerous parts of Mexico. The fire was not the usual one but burned 26 people. It was an insane and highly violent incident.

Jalisco's new generation cartel (CJNG) was involved because of the ongoing war between them and the local Santa Rosa De Lima gang.

The killer entered the rehabilitation center with guns in their hands, pushing the targeted staff and patients to lay on the ground, then opened fire on them. 

Killings in Tulum

Is tulum safe or dangerous for Tourists? Just like Cancun and playa del carmen, Tulum is an appealing vacation area making up the Riviera Maya area. Tulum is one of Mexico's most satisfying and relaxing parts for tourists. But the Tulum Mexico crime rate is rising dramatically in the area. There were four bodies found in the hotel zone of Tulum.

Besides that, two drug dealers were fearlessly shot dead in February in an upscale restaurant. This shows these criminals' proximity to tourist areas, ruining peace and safety. Businesses and tourism are getting affected just because of the turf wars between these violent gangs.

State Department Travel Advisory Mexico:

To be very honest, Mexico is generally considered safe due to its safest neighborhoods and most renowned and safest vacation spots. However, as every country has some imperfections, you should consider going through a Mexico travel advisory by the US State department before you plan any trip.

According to the State Department Travel Advisory Mexico, many cities are under the violent impact of cartels and other criminals. The authorities are working harder to cope with the situation to avoid affecting tourism, on which most of Mexico relies. With those most dangerous parts of Mexico, the advisory also mark some of the safest cities in Mexico to ease your research for your next trip.

Factually, Mexico has a higher rate of crimes like human trafficking, robbery, gang violence, kidnapping, extortion, drug dealing, theft, and whatnot.

The global initiative against transnational organized crime reports has shown that Mexico is ranked second most dangerous in America. The coastline location of this country helps criminals perform illegal activities easily. The rankings are high because of the powerful control of the gangs over government officials and businesses.

Top 5 Most Dangerous Places in Mexico You Should Avoid Visiting

Mexico is known to attract and impress tourists to a greater extent, but the presence of some of the deadliest cities in the world in Mexico makes it tough to plan your trip. However, there is always research recommended before you enter Mexico as the country has LOT MORE to offer apart from some of its bad reputation in crime scenes.

Apart from some of the safest cities in Mexico, crystal clear waters, incredible resorts, mesmerizing archaeological sites, and fascinating Mexican culture, the increasing crime rate there is also considerable.

Therefore, it's better to be well prepared and informed about the unsafe and most dangerous places in Mexico before visiting the country.

Fresnillo - Is Fresnillo Safe?

The constant crime increase in this city of Mexico makes it dangerous for the people. With the highest murder rate in Mexico, Fresnillo is well known for other crimes and gang attacks as well. No one feels safe living there.

With its terrible and violent reputation, visiting Fresnillo is never a good idea. The failed attempts of the government make this place more deadly these days. The essential highways and roads there are quite the main reason for the increasing crimes.

Celaya - Is Celaya Safe?

Don't be surprised; we all know Celaya was never one of the most unsafe and dangerous parts of mexico. But the situation changed drastically over the past few years. The unstoppable crime incidents and gang battles are responsible for the decreased peace.

According to the reports, over 1000 people were killed brutally in a year. It doesn't end here; the spike in drug dealings, thefts, and human trafficking was also noticed. Celaya is not safe to spend your vacation there.

Tijuana - Is Tijuana Safe?

The situation is getting worse in most Mexican cities, including Tijuana. The violence and the increasing crime rate have been changing things entirely over the past few years even in safe cities in Mexico. 

Tijuana is the world's busiest land border crossing; the city is commonly known for murders, drug dealings, robberies, gang attacks, and shootouts. So, you should never travel to Tijuana alone. However, it is better to drop Tijuana from your vacation list.

Ciudad Obregon - Is Ciudad Obregon Safe?

Another deadly spot for rising crimes, Ciudad Obregon, is also marked unsafe by most of the visitors and Mexicans themselves. The endless crime incidents and extreme gang battles make the lives of people living there highly miserable.

Even the government doesn't favor traveling to Ciudad Obregon because of its violent reputation. It's better to avoid visiting the city as the murder, and daily crime rates are touching the roof.

Acapulco - Is Acapulco Safe?

If you are deciding on your next vacation destination, it should never be Acapulco. The higher crime rates, especially regarding kidnappings, and frauds, are the main reasons for skipping this city from your list.

The cartel problems and criminal organizations are spoiling the reputation of Acapulco. Every day the authorities are busy finding and discovering the bodies. The homicide rate is also higher in this area. Females are specifically warned to avoid Acapulco.

Safest Places to Travel in Mexico - Find the Safest Mexico Vacation Spots:

From ancient ruins to stunning beaches to charming towns, everything seems perfect for vacation when it comes to Mexico. But there are some cities we have mentioned to avoid during your trip. Nevertheless, Mexico still has a lot to offer with its top 5 safest places to travel and vacation for travel enthusiasts:

  • Merida: Apart from heavy traffic, there is no such issue or safety concern when you are in America. Merida Mexico Safety will let you feel totally protected, giving you the leverage to enjoy remarkable ancient beauty, delicate foods, and mind-blowing colonial architecture.
  • Puerto Vallarta: You are probably planning your visit to Mexico, how can you forget a city with absolutely stunning and most safest beaches in Mexico. Puerto Vallarta safety makes this Mexican city on the top of tourist’s lists. If you visit this city, the mesmerizing spots, hustling nightlife, most prominent cultural footprints and stunning beaches will never make you feel disappointed.
  • Huatulco: If you are looking for a family-friendly destination filled with fun and excitement, Huatulco is the safest place to visit, with lots of surf spots and water activities. Above all of that, huatulco mexico beaches are famous for its charming beauty, water sports, and quality time with your partner,
  • San Miguel De Allende: It is entirely safe to travel to San Miguel de Allende, which has multiple great restaurants, astonishing heritage sites, neo-gothic steeples above the skyline, and chic hospitality for all the tourists and locals. 
  • Oaxaca City: The city is ready to offer you the most beautiful and charming ruins, lush green mountains, satisfying beaches, and colonial architecture. Because of its safe environment, it can be the best vacation spot this year.

Final Words

No place on the earth is always and perfectly safe to be there, just like Mexico. The crime rates are higher than in other vacation destinations.

However, the government is battling hard to provide tourists with the best positive experience.

But if you again want to get precisely answered about is it safe to travel to Mexico right now 2022?

A Confident Yes!

With many attractions, Mexico is still safe to travel with your family and friends. As a first-time traveler, researching well and contacting the hotel managers is the best way to avoid letting bad things happen.

Precautions are a must to keep in mind anywhere you go. So, it's time to plan a memorable trip to Mexico, spend lovely days at the loveliest and safest mexico beaches while planning night trips to bustling roads, and have finger-licking traditional food there.

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