Best Time To Go To Cabo - Weather, Events, Hurricane Season

In quest of mesmerizing tourism across the borders, Cabo matches your exploration for all the good reasons it possesses. Mexico excites tourists around the world with glamorous beaches, nightlife, cultural embellishments, and more. You can explore the beauty of Cabo san lucas as well in Mexico. 

However, the best time to go to Cabo San Lucas is from May to June, soon after the Spring Break and just before the rainfall season. However, the best time to visit Cabo, Mexico, also depends on the reflex of what couples are planning for vacation or honeymoon on this tourist planet.

You may still be wondering what the seasonable, reasonable and best time of the year to visit Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is. It obviously depends on your mood and likings. The best time to travel to Cabo likewise depends on what activities a tourist wants to do and what kind of weather he likes.

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Which Month is Suitable To Visit Cabo?

The best time to explore any tourist destination depends on how you define the term “best”. Following the best months (May and June) are recommended by the exposure tourists

In searching for which month is suitable there, another time comes is October - ideal month for visiting Cabo after the rainy season off, before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. 

Sizzling sunny weather with lukewarm cabo san lucas climate goes pleasant in October there in Cabo.

What's the Noticeable Benefit of This Month?

International and local crowds are limited during this time because the locals are busy making money for Christmas and Thanksgiving ahead. So, tourists, especially foreigners, can often find good deals on domestic and international flights and hotel packages. 

Nonetheless, an occasion comes during the October Season when deals are hard to find. The occasion is the fishing tournaments. Moreover, local vendors and businesses are more focused on making money for the coming two mega festivities, so tourism expenses and prices are comparatively lower there. 

Cabo San Lucas Travel Restrictions

Mexico's Govt. has some restrictions on touring the country amid the post-COVID-19 mayhem. However, the country has likely less restricted and an open-door policy for international tourists. 

Presently, Cabo San Lucas Travel Restrictions are lenient compared to other parts of the world. Following travel restriction parameters are advised for the tourists. The parameters don't compel the tourists for a special Covid test in cabo san lucas.

  • Domestic Covid Diagnostic is REQUIRED for entry in Mexico.
  • On Arrival COVID-19 test is NOT MANDATORY in Mexico Airports
  •  Volunteer Covid test in cabo san lucas tests are widely present at most hotels (usually for FREE) and the airport for about $25.00
  • Results are dispatched by email around within 15 min.

Cabo San Lucas Travel Advisory for US/Canadian Tourists:

Generally, Mexico Govt. imposes no testing requirement for coming to Cabo San Lucas for tourists with a fully vaccinated history if you are a resident of the United States. You don't have to take the test, in case you are a resident of Canada.

You DON'T have to undergo a Covid test for returning back to the U.S. and Canada. However, if you're not fully anti-Covid vaccinated, Canada will still require a Covid test for re-entry inside its borders. The test can be an antigen one taken within one day before flight.

Cabo San Lucas Weather By Month

The city of amazement - Cabo San Lucas weather trembles with the versatility and thrill. Cabo San Lucas possesses all climates and seasons for almost any tourist of any accord. 

We would like to tell you what you should know about the year's seasons to go to Cabo for various activities. We have arranged Cabo Lucas Weather by month of the year for fun-infested fiestas (including the best weather in cabo san lucas to see whales on Cabo beach fest). 

  • The low-priced months to go to Cabo. 
  • The weather condition in Cabo by month
  • Rainy Month in Cabo
  • Fishing Tournament Month in Cabo
  • Fun Activities in Cabo as per month

We also add to our advisory for  the month you should not go to Cabo and more so you can dive into to see which months are ideal to schedule your perfect Cabo vacation.

Cabo San Lucas Weather in January:

With the start of the year, the cabo weather in January brings an outstanding aura to the tourists. San Lucas, Mexico climate thrills up with frigid chilled days. However, the temperature during winter is not that cold. Winter season in Cabo is usually warmer than other parts of the world. The normal temperature in cabo san lucas falls in January is between 54-77°F. However, the temperature is not that high. So, it implies you'll need a coat in the mornings and nights with a quilt. However, you'll have clear skies with scarcely any precipitation. 

These mild weather conditions also draw in humpback and dim whales who are escaping the freezing icy waters.

Festivals and Events:

  • Kiteboarding
  • Foil
  • Windsurfing Competition

Cabo San Lucas Weather in February:

The cabo san lucas climate remains genuinely consistent as January rolls into February. You'll, in such a case, need to wear a jacket for chillier mornings and night-outs. Warm clothes are indispensable in february weather if you stay in a close ocean resort or hotel. Be in a warm dress while you eat near the ocean or go out on the water. Since the water temperature in Cabo San Lucas is most extraordinary in the cold weather months, it's not an ideal opportunity or the best time to visit Cabo if you need to go scuba diving.

Events and Entertainments:

  • Todos Santos Art
  • Traditional & Modern Mexican Artworks
  • Dance Parties with Barbecue

Cabo San Lucas Weather in March:

The typical cabo san lucas weather will begin to gain a mild warmth in Spring progressively. Before the temperatures climb any further ahead in the season, the whales will go back to the north ocean. So, if you want to see them, the cabo san lucas weather in March will bring the last opportunity for you to grab. The average temperature during March is 80 Fahrenheit. 

Event and Entertainment:

  • Half Marathon Race
  • 2K, 5K, and 10K Race
  • Food Court Competition

Cabo San Lucas Weather in April:

While April showers some flowering blossoms before the month of May. It happens in a few parts of the planet to receive such a fragrant spring. You won't see tempests or storms in Cabo or anywhere else in Mexico that make Cabo a safer corner for tourism.  Weather conditions in Cabo are chilled and hazy simultaneously in April. It allows you to enjoy wintry and springy auras at the same time. With spring break, flux of college mates, corporate tours rush for  excursions here in Cabo. It's the best time to visit Cabo for families and students who need to explore the city meeting different people around the world and before the weather warms up ahead. Cabo San Lucas weather in April, the typical high is regularly around 84°F.

Festival and Rejoicing Parties

  • Semana Santa (Spring Break)
  • Easter Holidays and Celebrations
  • Beachside Fun Activities

San Lucas Cabo Weather in May

May arises with a rising warmth around the city with an average temperature of 86°F. Tourists will be able to feel summer, the threshold of the approaching summer season in May in Cabo. With fewer chances of rain, you can roam around the city with a long walk plan.

Fun Activities and Events

  • Victory at the Battle of Puebla
  • Buffets of traditional Mexican Foods
  • Walk around the Downtown 

Cabo San Lucas weather in June:

The top boot of summer in Los Cabos, Mexico, is June. The temperature will likely rise to the low 90 Fahrenheit and so on. Tourists eager to sunbathe go wild when the sunlight slightly goes piercing. It is the best month for surfing as well. Glowing days with clear skies and flowing waters with lukewarm touch give travelers love-driven surfing to spend their days in Cabo with snorkeling, swimming, and camping by the beach.

Activities and Fun Mania

  • Costa Azul’s Zippers Beach Activities
  • Camping at the Beach
  • Surfing Season

Cabo San Lucas Weather in July:

In the mid-interim of the summer season, you take a travel steer-up at the cabo san lucas climate by month. The weather in cabo san lucas in July has probably the most blazing midpoints. This month's temperature floats above 95 Fahrenheit; you'll need to remain cool in the water and with a cold beverage. With lower vacationer rates, July is the month when you'll have the option to score large on flights and resort stays. As typhoon season starts towards the end of the month's end, be careful to go to deep water in the sea.

Activities and Fun

  • Great Fishing
  •  Fun Golf
  • Amazing Food 
  • Nightly Entertainment

Cabo Weather in August:

Let's be welcome to the utmost rainy season. August is quite possibly the rainiest month of the year in San Los Cabo, and it is weighed as a tropical storm season with the temperature remaining above 98 Fahrenheit. 

Activities and Fun:

  • Fishing Tournaments
  • Marina Festivities
  • Cultural Events 
  • Spa and Shopping

Cabo Hurricane Season - When Is Hurricane Season In Cabo San Lucas?

Nonetheless, most typhoons don't arrive on the tip of the Baja landmass. However, there will still be an unexpected Cabo San Lucas hurricane season that can strike. So, making your way, you genuinely need to be prudent while hunting the seaside during this month when there's hurricane season in Cabo San Lucas. August is the trip-making month for indoor activities such as culinary activities, spas, cultural exploration, and shopping sprees.

Cabo San Lucas Weather in September:

Cabo san lucas in September resembles the simultaneous offshoot of both heat and cold. On having the intensity and showers of August. To remain cool, ensure time and a lot of energy at the ocean side. You can also enjoy water thrills in the pool and absorb the warm climate during the day preceding the downpour. Despite the fact, these weather conditions aren’t favorable for certain voyagers in deep sea strongholds.

Activities and Fun:

  • Viva Mexico Daytime Music
  • Musical Nights and Dance Parties
  • Parades 
  • Fireworks and Barbecue

Cabo San Lucas Weather in October

Come to the lumen of winter, Los Cabos feels an average temperature in October. Tourists from tropical countries feel warm, yet the precipitation essentially diminishes. On the go, Asian tourists may feel a little hazy in the cabo san lucas october weather. This implies the water temperature in Cabo San Lucas will be ideally suited for diving. However, after such a lot of precipitation, permeability may be poor. So, observe local cautionary measurements for tourists.

Events and Celebrations

  • Black & Blue Tournament (Second in Season)
  • Fish Catching Events 

Weather in Cabo San Lucas in November

Cabo weather in November will begin to feel more relaxed, yet with a pricking haze still during the 80°C. It's the ideal chance to spend your days outside climbing small hills, hiking, ziplining, and horseback riding. In the evenings, jumping under the waves and drifting in the pool are the ideal rejoicing chances. These ideal cabo mexico weather conditions draw in additional explorers, and the vacation season will begin to get on a boom.

Events and Activities

  • Surf season on the Pacific side
  • Wind sports 
  • The whale shark Migratory Spots
  • The Los Cabos Organic Market Stalls
  • Promoting organic agriculture, arts and crafts, and music

Cabo San Lucas Weather in December

Cabo in December has the Christmas Season on high zeal and zest with shivering weather chills. You can go through your Christmas celebration spree out under the shade of palm trees. As the mornings and nights begin to chill, you might need a light coat for early strolls on the oceanfront, and dusk travels, particularly if you're cruising on a mission to see the appearance of the whales of Cabo seas. 

Fun and Enjoyable Activities 

  • Medano Beach Fun Fair
  • Fireworks and Barbecue 

Cabo San Lucas Weather Division By Seasons For Excursions 

Mexico is usually a slightly hot and dumped country in terms of climate. For exposure to tourism, the cabo mexico weather division has been divided into the following categories concerning the seasons. 

  • High-edge Season (December to April)
  • Low-Boom Season (July to September)
  • Shoulder-Rise Season (May-June and October-November)

High-Edge Season (December to April)

An Ideal Season For Witnessing the Gray Whales, Humpback Whales, Whale Sharks, and Spanish Turtles. Best time for families and kids. 

Winter and Spring are the most favorable travel seasons and the best times of the year to visit Cabo, too. From December through February, the colder time of year offers heaps of radiant days and gentle temperatures with highs around 23°C. 

Recommendation For Foreign Tourists 

Quilts and Blankets are worn at night, making this season ideal for couples. Humpback whales are calving, while Dark Whales and Whale Sharks are likewise moving through the area. This is a famous time for family travel and for seasonal couples or friend parties. December and April introduce the party swarm as the U.S. furthermore, Canadian college mates show up as a group for Spring Break. Hope to fight with enormous groups and to pay as much as possible for flights, hoteling, and visits during the prescribed months.

Low-Boom Season 

July is the knocking strike of summer in Mexico. Until September, the overcrowding of tourists starts shrinking, so hotel deals and flight vouchers are available for this season. If you are in love with rainy weather, this is the best rainy season to go to Cabo.

The season is serenely calm season of the year with peaceful tranquility to visit San Lucas Cabo. The season is fantastic for finding extraordinary hosts and for keeping away from crowd buzz. The one who loves the rainy season can find the best opportunity to experience the sizzling, rainiest, and serenest mania of the year.

Temperature Reflex

Temperatures range over 30°C most evenings. The chances of typhoons are lower yet scorching sunny days are higher during this season than in some other parts of Mexico. Around 20% of the days will have a few downpours, particularly in August and September.

Shoulder-Rise Season (May-June and October-November)

Amazing season for aquatic activities. World-famous fishing tournaments are held during this season. People from all around the world come to participate in the Cabo beach festival.

Fantastic with ulterior weather and best resorting opportunities, the relieving season is here in May and June with a good Cabo San Lucas climate. 

Some individuals and fair hotel rates during May, June, October, and November are incredible months to find the best excursion opportunities with post-top season events. It states the ideal turn before the turbulent summer. 

Temperature Reflex

High temperatures are in the upper 20c, with May being the driest month of the year. October and November likewise offer extraordinary climates and warm sea temperatures. Fishing competitions and the appearance of the main whales make this a more occupied season than May and June, yet at the same time, not so occupied as the next few months. Book right on time to score the best arrangements for Fall travel.

The Bottom Line - So, When Are You Packing Your Bags? 

Keeping in view of what you've learned about the best time to go to Cabo and exploring what the best month to go to Cabo for you is, it could be said that your preferred liking will finalize when you should tour San Lucas Cabo, Mexico.

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But whenever you plan for traveling, always take cabo hurricane season into your consideration.

An expert tourism agency can help you design your tour to Cabo, making all travel and stay arrangements. Through the official collaborated tourism services to Cabo, you can also avail the best deals and discounts for Cabo, no matter what season you plan to travel to the Mexican tourism destination.

best time to go to Cabo San Lucas is from May to June,

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