How Much Does a China Visa Cost?

The standard Chinese Visa cost for United States citizens is $140. But the cost varies depending on the number of entries and based on the country that grants your passport. Some small additional fees such as service fees and taxes can increase the final cost of a China visa cost.

The United States, U.K., and Canada Citizens are unique compared to other countries because they are one standard visa fee regardless of the number of entries. This means that both single and multiple entry visas are the same price.

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What is a Single Entry China Visa, and how much does it cost?

A single entry is a visa that allows the user one single entry into the country. After a single entry and exit, the Visa is no longer valid. If you intend to enter China again, you will need to apply for a Chinese visa again.

The cost of a single entry Chinese visa is $140 for standard shipping. For rush or expedited shipping, you will need to spend additional money to get this completed.

For many other countries, this is the cheapest Chinese Visa because it offers the least amount of entries.

Single entry visas are valid for three months from the date of issue. The single entry visa allows holders to stay up to 30 days. Once this Visa expires, holders are required to leave the country or request an extension.

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What Is a double-entry visa, and how much does it cost?

A double-entry visa allows you to enter and exit china two times before it expires. Once two full entries and exits are completed, then the Visa is no longer valid.

For the United States citizens, this costs $140, excluding any service or additional charges.

For many other countries, this is more expensive than a single entry visa. It is also valid for between 3 and 6 months, which is twice as long as a single entry visa.

Holders are allowed to stay a maximum of 30 days on each entry for a maximum of 60 days on each entry.

What is a multiple entry China visa, and how much does it cost?

A multiple entry visa allows for as many entries into china during the validity period of the Visa. These visas are typically offered in 6 months, one year, two years, and 5-year intervals.

For U.S. citizens, the price of a United States multiple entry visa is $140, the same as a single and double entry visa. The price of this Visa remains constant regardless of the time frame.

This is unique to only Canadian and United kingdom citizens. Most other countries will pay higher prices for one year and two year China visas compared to a six-month multiple entry visa.


What is a 10-year China visa, and How much does it cost?

A 10-year visa is a special type of multiple-use Visa that lasts 10-years. This is a unique visa because it allows as many entries and exits into the country for ten years. For U.S. citizens, the price of a 10-year visa is the same as a single entry visa, $140.

For citizens of states outside the United States, the ten-year Visa is typically the same price as the single-use Visa.

For Citizens of other countries, the Visa is typically the same price or more expensive than the multiple entry visas of 1 or 2 years.

The 10-year Visa is generally the hardest Visa to get approved for, so it’s important you make sure you need all the requirements complied with so we can submit the final book.


What Documents Do you Need to Apply for a China Visa?

As with any application, you need to submit the required document, or your application won’t be accepted.

There are many different types of China visas depending on your purpose in the country. The most common is the tourist visa, which is the L visa.

The required documents for an Chinese L visa application are listed below:

●      Signed Passport with at least six months of remaining validity

●      Visa Application form and a colored-Photo glued onto the form

●      Proof of legal residence for non-U.S citizens

●      Proof of round trip flight or departing flight

●      Proof of Hotel Reservation

●      Documentation detailing itinerary plans for the trip  


How to Apply for a China Visa?


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