What is an Apostille Certificate?

An Apostille certificate is known to be a kind of document that guarantees the origin and authenticity of an original document such as the authenticity of the seal of the stam, potential of the person signing a document etc.

Why Is an Apostille Certificate Important?

Many people ask for a query, such as passport rejected and how to apply again. This process involves the requirement of lots of documents. There are many reasons why you will need an Apostille Certificate but the most important reason is that you will require it at the time you will need to travel abroad. However, it is very important to keep in mind that this certificate cannot be used within the countries that are not being associated with the Apostille Convention, which are also commonly known as Non-Hague countries. For Example, if you are planning to visit another country, you will definitely need an Apostille Certificate to verify the fact that all documents relevant to academics are legal and valid documents. These documents will be issued by your authorised territory of jurisdiction or home country and are also made available for public reference.

Some of the examples of documents issued by government that requires authentication include:

  • Passport Copies
  • Birth Certificates
  • University Diplomas
  • Driver Licence Copies
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Transcript of School
  • Corporate Documents (e.g. memorandum, article of association etc.)
  • Adoption Papers
  • Academic Certificates


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What Does An Apostille Certificate Include?

An Apostille Certificate does include some specifications and particular characteristics that you must look for whenever you require this sort of document. As travellers do need different kinds of legal documents before visiting another country, it is quite possible that you might confuse a regular document with an Apostille Certificate. Below mentioned are some specific characteristics included in the document:

 Name of the required country with specified jurisdiction on the document

  • Official references and seal of the document
  • Authorised Person’s name who’s signing the document
  • Name of the authorised agency verifying the document
  • Date and Place of the certification
  • The authorised certificate number
  • The potential of the individual signing the document

When Do You Require An Apostille Certificate?

You will be requiring an Apostille Certificate in below mentioned situation:

  • The country in which the document has been issued must be a member of Apostille Convention
  • The regulations of the country having jurisdiction over the document and therefore considering it a public document
  • The country in which the you are intending to use the document is indeed a member of Apostille Convention
  •  The country in which you require to utilise a document include an Apostille to identify that specified document

 You may not require an Apostille certificate even if the two countries involved are considered to be part of the Apostille Convention because few countries may have mutual consent on excluding specific documents from legalisation of the country.

Major Difference between Authentication and Apostille Certificate

Authentication Certificates are being issued to use in a country that are not considered the members of the Apostille Convention whereas the Apostille are known to be documents that are being issued to utilise in the countries that are considered to be the members of Apostille Convention.

Final Word!

Passport Renewal is indeed considered one of the daunting tasks these days which involves verification of lots of legal documents, therefore having an authorised Apostille Certificate can surely save you a great amount of effort and time that you would require to prove otherwise that the country of the jurisdiction has made the provision of a specified document. Passpotandvisas.com can surely help you in this regard anytime.

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