What is a Damaged or Altered Passport?

Your passport will stop being valid if:

  • missing page (s)
  • Breaking down           
  • damaged by fluids, making it impossible for your information to display
  • The cover is tattered or damaged.

When your passport becomes invalid due to one or more of the issues above, it is time to obtain a replacement.

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What happens if I break my passport?

Once you've assessed the damage to your passport, follow these steps to get a replacement:

  1. Fill out an application for a replacement passport.
  2. Observe your country's issuing authority's I.D. rules.
  3. Give a recent, passport-sized photo of yourself taken no more than six months ago.

If you use a damaged or torn passport to travel, you won't be able to leave the nation. Therefore, seek a replacement before your travel to prevent being turned away. Your current passport renewal procedure might take some time. Consequently, it is advisable to get started long before your vacation. 

 You may acquire a new passport with PassportsAndVisas.com. The procedures are simple and stress-free for replacing your passport. All you could do was submit the required paperwork. Choose the fee to pay and the deadline for the paper simultaneously.

Will my passport be accepted if it has been damaged?

The Home Office warns: "You must replace your passport if it has more than normal wear and tears; otherwise, you may be denied entry." This is because a damaged passport may not be recognized as a valid form of identification when you travel.

What should I do about my lost passport?

 You must physically provide Form DS-11 if you want to replace a lost or stolen passport. You might be able to make an appointment at a passport office or center to replace your passport in person.


How long would it take to have a passport replaced after damage?

A passport application usually takes several weeks to be accepted. In most situations, this will take between 3 and 6 weeks, although it may take longer.

It is necessary to expedite the process urgently in certain situations by paying an extra service fee. However, remember that this relies on the government agency providing the document.

How can you get a new passport if your passport has been damaged or altered?

PassportsAndVisas.com has created a list of the supplies you will need to submit to receive a new passport. All papers should be offered when you apply. If any documents are missing, the operation will be delayed.

Please provide the following documents to PassportsAndVisas.com:

  • a tattered passport
  • A statement describing the damage's cause
  • an accurate DS-11 Form
  • Evidence of citizenship
  • Birth Registration
  • Documentation of Naturalization

Evidence of Identity:

  • a photocopy of a state-issued I.D. or a driver's license
  • one photograph, passport-size
  • Evidence of departure
  • Flight schedule
  • enterprise letter (if you are going on a business trip)


  • Change of Name (submit an original document that shows a name change)


Passports with water damage cannot be used and must be replaced. You must apply at an acceptance facility or a passport office to replace a damaged passport. You will require the following items:

  • The ruined U.S. passport
  • A written statement detailing the harm
  • DS-11 Form (Application for U.S. passport)
  • Evidence of citizenship* (e.g., birth or naturalization certificate)
  • a photocopy of citizenship documentation
  • Show your I.D. (in person)
  • A photocopy of your I.D.
  • One passport photograph
  • Fees

Kids younger than sixteen should apply face to face with their parents.

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