How to Get Passport Fast in 2024 - Get Your Passport in 3 Days

A passport emergency can occur anytime for an urgent trip outside of the USA. It feels helpless despite having all the resources, when you can’t make your move outside the country due to passport constraints. So, in such rushing conditions when you’re in a hurry; You should know how to get a passport fast in a legal way. Expediting your passport through an official US regional Passport is the first option, and secondly, private expediting services assist you in getting your passport fast.

For travelers who seek a fusion of fast speed and great assistance throughout the process, rightly puts this combo at your table. Getting a same-day passport via a U.S. passport agency can be challenging. 

So, why not get a helping hand from a licensed passport expediting service that shares all of your traveling document stress, treats you like a family, and delivers your passport as fast as 3 days?? 


Get Your US Passport in 3 Days
Passports and will help you expedited your US passport. It's easy, painless and fast.
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First Prove Your Eligibility For a Fast Passport 

It is not hard to obtain a US passport in 24 hours until you are eligible for the fast-track passport issuance. There is a good mode of fastest passport service in the US. However, your desire to require a passport in instants is not enough. Rather, you will need to prove that you are eligible for the fast new us passport obtaining or fast passport renewal

How to Check Your Eligibility For a Fast Passport?

The process to check your eligibility for a fast-track passport is the same as a normal passport. It is exactly the same as applying for general passport services except one noticeable distinction is that you just need to prove the case or cause of your emergency. To state your compulsion you can download the US immigration services or download it from our website.

Be sure with the following check ticks that are mandatory for your fast passport move:

  • Are you with a valid reason to obtain an emergency passport?
  • Are you legally allowed to travel across the border?
  • You mustn’t be under a family trial court case.
  • Your emergency move should prove your case.
  • You must be holding a travel ticket in the next 72 hours.

Travelers have to face all these buts and ifs in order to get a passport fast. sets you free from all these strict criteria with our reliable passport services. 

Get Your US Passport in 3 Days
Passports and will help you expedited your US passport. It's easy, painless and fast.
Get Your Passport Today!


Before we elaborate on the further cracking process, let's explore the pragmatic steps to get a passport in a day. 

The first step is to fill in Form DS-11 complete and correct. You can download a DS-11 application form to fill it in offline or you are allowed to submit the form online and then get the printout. 

Either way, it is okay to be with a valid reason. Nevertheless, you should not submit the application until an Acceptance Agent directs you to proceed with an official submission to the regional passport agency office.

How Quickly Can You Get a Passport?

You might stick with the compulsion to get a US passport fast for many reasons. You get around the ways to know how quickly can you get a passport. Yes, that is possible. A US passport can be obtained as early as 24Hrs or even sooner. 

However, you should learn the nitty-gritty ways to learn the ideas.

Luckily, the US government offers a fast-track service for getting a passport quickly. But for that, there are the most demanding guidelines to follow to get an emergency or fast passport. Along with that, there is no guarantee of passport application approval with that route. Even the most eligible traveler may not get the passport at his desired timeline due to limited spots.   

So before throwing your passport at the mercy of luck, Why not experience a proven service that has all the experience to break the code of getting a passport fast in 3 days? 

Get Your US Passport in 3 Days
Passports and will help you expedited your US passport. It's easy, painless and fast.
Get Your Passport Today!

Procedure to Undergo Quick Passport Obtainability 

In order to get your US passport processed on the Same Day you have to get the right documents accurately sorted out. There are some crucial steps while applying for quicker passport renewal or passport Obtainability. For the 24 Hrs passport service the applicant will need to submit all required documents to the passport agency counter for an early procedure step. 

Consult with an Authorized Passport Consultant 

US State Department and Passport Agencies authorize the designated passport consultants as the third party. We are an authorized passport advisory service that can legally submit your swift passport application on your behalf. We can also provide you with expedited passport service and get your passport procedure activated to give the passport in your hands by the end of the day.

To go independently, the passport quickness process goes as follows.

Download the DS-11 Form

After knowing your eligibility state, the next thing and first procedural thing is to download the DS-11 Form from the US Home Department or our official website. DS11 is a standard official paper to get your credentials and testimonials. The DS-11 paper actually requires you to give your references and state of emergency to come in the queue of urgent passport seekers.

Sort in The Primary Supporting Documents 

Once the DS-11 application form is completed with all credentials, the second procedural step is to collect the officially designated supporting documents. 

In these documents following official papers are included.

Evidence of U.S. citizenship i.e State ID or Federal Citizenship Card.

Be it noted the US citizenship card should be with you in original or certified copy while submitting and visiting the Passport agencies around the US. 

Proof of Acceptable Documents For Birth in the US.

Birth in the US includes a US-based birth certificate. The certificate must be in a detailed form and include parents' surnames and full names. 

Copy or proof of previously-issued U.S. passport (If applicable)

If you're applying first time for a US passport, the case does not apply to you. However, if you are getting along for a quick passport renewal, you will have to follow the steps.

What if your previously-issued passport is stolen or missing?

In case, you misplaced or got your previously-issued US passport stolen, though having no longer have evidence of your U.S. citizenship. Don't be worried, a viable solution is out there. If you have obtained a US passport in the past, you can apply for a file search. 

  • US Consulate House Report of Birth Abroad of any US resident. 
  • Report of Stolen or missing passport.
  • Nationality Certificate or Certificate of Citizenship.

Other Secondary Documents Required 

Other secondary documents that you will require to apply for a new passport will include valid proof of US nationality and State identity, a copy of the official identification proof along with a recent passport photo that meets the standard size and dimension criteria. You may also have to submit solemn evidence of name update or correction if your name has been legally renewed.

Visit the Passport Agency or Facility Center

The third and almost final step is to visit the nearest passport agency with a completely filled-out form. Be sure to carry primary supporting and secondary supporting documents while visiting the nearest application acceptance facility or regional passport agency.

You can find the facility centers in many post offices as well as county and municipal government offices that will pass your application to the passport agency. However, for an application visit, you need an appointment allotted beforehand. So, call before visiting the agency.

What’s the Fastest Way to Get a Passport?

Remember, a passport is a very sensitive document that gives you the privilege to be a legal member of a nation. It takes time to go to the fastest way to get a passport. Out of a few passport quick processes, the Fastest way is with the regional passport office.

The same documents will be required for passport agency matters, however, you must book your online appointment to visit the agency. Authorized Private passport agents can submit the application on your behalf and assist you in all steps of the passport agency.

Can I Expedite My Passport After Applying?

We handle numerous queries regarding passport affairs every day from our clients and general information seekers. One of those queries is, can I expedite my passport after applying? The answer is, yes you can. Although after submitting a passport application, you get into the pipeline yet there is a way to speed up your passport as early as 24 to 48 hours. 

You can submit a DS-82 form for US passport renewal alongside proof of the emergency case of travel. Additional processing fees and documents will be required to expedite your passport. You can contact your nearest passport agency or ask your passport assistance service provider to file your case for passport expediting.


It is a good gesture by the US Home Department to introduce a quick passport issuance service for people in a rush. Likewise, contributing our share of professional passport assistance services we have provided a detailed step by step information-rich guide you through this blog. Winding up the minutes of the blog, we say that you can avail of the expedited passport. For this, you must be eligible first and prepare the documents required for the process.

To avoid any unforeseeable repercussions, you should hire private and authorized passport consultants. The consultant can help you assess and process your application with utmost care in terms of documents and case filing. You can go through our passport and visa web pages for more information or contact our online or in-person consultants. They are professionally experienced to assist you with your swift passport queries.  

Our sincere advice is that to avert any disappointment on application rejection or decline or notice to submit additional documents,  it is better to hire a private passport process advisor. Though they are non-government passport and visa expediting service providing agents, they know everything for making your move successful to get the passport fast. If you are in an emergency passport-requiring situation then you can come to our reliable consultancy for expedited passport services.

Get Your US Passport in 3 Days
Passports and will help you expedited your US passport. It's easy, painless and fast.
Get Your Passport Today!

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