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Kansas City Passport Acceptance Agents

Passports and assists travelers in the Kansas City area with obtaining an expedited passport, passport renewal, or other passport or visa services.  If you need a passport quickly, Passports and is a private company that works with the Passport Agency to obtain your US passport application in as fast as 24 hours, with services starting at $59.


For help with your expedited passport:

  • Call us at 1-800-860-8610
  • Email us.


We are a nationally recognized US Passport and visa service by the Washington Post, New York Times and USA Today.  our team has been getting passports and visas for over 15 years.

The benefits of using our private passport expediting service are :


  •    We can get your passport back to you the same day we receive your materials.
  •    Our service is guaranteed; if you don't make your trip - the passport is on us.
  •    We provide online real-time tracking of your order.
  •    We provide 4 different methods of contact with our customer service department (phone, live online chat, in-person, and email).


Click here if you need your passport inside of 6 weeks


If you are NOT IN A HURRY to get your passport in the Kansas City area, then your best bet is to visit one of the Kansas City passport acceptance agents in the area.  Also, we have provided information on how to obtain your birth certificate in Kansas City, an item you'll be needing to obtain your new passport.


Kansas City Passport Application Acceptance Agent Locations

Facility Name Street Address City State ZIP Code Public Phone
City Center Square Station Post Office 1100 Main Ste. 200 Kansas City MO 64105 (816) 283-3460
Hickman Mills Station Post Office 6921 E 111th St. Kansas City MO 64134-9998 (816) 763-7867
Jackson County Court of Appeals 1300 Oak Kansas City MO 64106 (816) 889-3600
Jesse M Donaldson Station 156 Paris Street Kansas City MO 64195-9998 (816) 243-5751
Kansas City Retail Main Post Office 30 W. Pershing Rd., Ste. 112 Kansas City MO 64108-9712 (816) 374-9182
Metro North Stamp Store 400 NW Barry Rd. Kansas City MO 64155-9998 (816) 468-6270
Stockyards Station Post Office 1600 Genessee Kansas City MO 64102 (816) 471-6791
USPS Civic Center Station 601 E. 12th St. Kansas City MO 64106 (816) 221-3110
USPS Country Club Station 108 W. 63rd St. Kansas City MO 64113-9998 (816) 361-5467
USPS Longview Station 8800 Raytown Rd. Kansas City MO 64138 (816) 737-3255
USPS Martin City Station 10 E. 135th St. Kansas City MO 64145-9998 (816) 943-8539
USPS N. Kansas City Branch 820 Armour Rd. Kansas City MO 64116 (816) 221-6716
USPS Wornall Station 7964 Wornall Road Kansas City MO 64114-9998 (816) 361-6562