Pakistan - Journalist - Single Service: Visa Requirements

Single Entry / Visa Valid for 30 days

1Required Documents

2Consular and Service Fees

# Detail Fee
1 Consulate Fee $65
2 Service Fee $59

1Gather Documentation for a Pakistan Visa

1. Complete Pakistan eVisa questionnaire

Complete the Online Pakistan eVisa questionnaire located here.

1. Letter from Media Company in USA

Journalists affiliated with a media company going to India for Journalism purposes OR for Tourism purposes are required to submit a letter from their company stating whether or not the applicant will be going for Journalism or Tourism only.

2Consular and Service Fees

2.1 Consular and Service Fees

Pakistan visa fees are as below :

# Detail Fee
1 Consulate Fee $65
2 Service Fee $59

3Ship your Application to Passports and

3.1 Place the above documents in an Overnight Envelope

Enclose the documents from Section 1 (Gather Documents for your Pakistan  Visa) and a print out of your order confirmation in an Overnight Envelope (Fedex, UPS, etc).

3.2 Send the Application Materials to Us

Please Note: If you paid for an inbound shipping service your account manager will contact you to provide a FedEx shipping label via email to send us your completed application. 

Send the Overnight Envelope (Fedex, UPS, etc) to us at :

Passports and
Attn: Processing

ETA, Colorado 80111