Your Ultimate Guide to Apply for Visa to Turkey

Turkish Visa is the license of entering the country legally with the certification of eligibility. Visa for Turkey allows you to be involved in certain activities while staying in the country like studying and working. Some visas allow you to keep a permanent residency in the country.

Here is a complete guide for you if you want to apply for a Turkey visa.

Accuracy in the Application for Visa

Your application should be perfect for the Turkey Visa and there should be zero mistakes in it.

You need to make sure that you are sure about the type of visa you want to apply for.

You should apply for a Visa at the right time. There shouldn’t be a condition like you are applying for a visa two years ahead of your visit to the country.

You should know the right place for the submission of your visa application.

 You should have all the right and needed documents for the application.

The application should always be on point because there is a possibility that your visa can get accepted or rejected on the basis of your application so be careful.

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Ensure the Type of Visa You Want to Apply For

You should know exactly what type of visa you need to apply for.

For instance, you can have options of applying for a tourist visa, education visa, work visa, business visa, residency visa, and you can also get a visa for research purposes like for a documentary, medical purpose, or some kind of family purpose.

Sometimes you might get confused and ask questions like, do I need a visa for Turkey? Pop into your mind. For these situations, you just need a clearer perspective and a clear thought. Just think about the reason you want to go to Turkey for and after that apply in that category of visa.

Documents That You Might Need While Applying

While applying for a visa for Turkey you need multiple documents. These documents are enlisted here and you will need to submit them on the day of your interview.

  • Evidence that you can afford the trip and that you have a passport with one blank side on it.
  • Evidence of hotel booking.
  • Evidence that you have purchased the tickets and return tickets as well.

Application Process of the Visa

The processing of the Turkey visa applications might take time. In some countries, applicants are replied to within three days of application submission and in some countries, applicants are replied to within 15 days. It all depends on the country you are staying in. The whole process of the application takes about 20 days and then you are called for the interview for your visa. In that interview, you are asked multiple questions and after that, the authorities accept or reject your visa application.

Documents That You Might Need at the Port

You might need a couple of things for an entry from the airport.

You are going to need a passport of your country and a Turkey visa as well if you want to enter the country from the airport.


All of your answers regarding, how to apply for a visa for Turkey? Have been answered above. You can also apply for a Turkish visa through different companies like  that will guide you thoroughly about the procedures and all the processes of the application. They have a highly experienced staff and they will help you out and make the visa application process easy for you.

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