Visa Requirement for Turkey from the USA

Americans love traveling to Turkey. What is the Turkey visa requirement for US Citizens? How to get a Turkish visa? Are these likely the questions on your mind? The good news is that obtaining a Turkey Electronic Visa will make it simple for USA citizens to visit the nation. 

Do Americans need Visa for Turkey?

USA residents are eligible to apply for the e-Visa but do not require a specific visa to enter Turkey. Americans only need a current passport to enter Turkey and receive the necessary visa.

The straightforward, step-by-step procedure of passports and visas 2022 provided by for American passport holders who require a valid Visa for Turkey for US residents is described here.

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Table of Content:

What do USA citizens need to get a Turkish Visa?

What is the visa requirement for Turkey from the USA?

How can USA citizens apply for a Turkey visa and get one?

Turkey Visa for USA Citizens Application Requirements

What is the time frame for US citizens to get a visa to turkey?

Turkey Travel Requirements for Covid-19

Form for Health Declaration

Self-testing kit for EMED

Applying with

How to Get a Turkish Visa As a US Citizen?

The Good News for US citizens is they don’t need to get to the US turkey embassy to get their Visa for Turkey. The Turkish Visa is a straightforward E-Visa travel authorization document suitable for leisure travel and quick business travels. 

It is analogous to a paper visa, except that it is granted online. You can prepare an electronic visa application for a single person, a family (minimum of two, maximum of ten), or a group (minimum of 10 and maximum of 300 people). 

1. Validity of E-Visa:

If you are granted a valid visa, you may stay in the country for 180 days following your arrival. It has many entry privileges. However, no one's stay may go longer than 90 days overall. You don't need to obtain your Turkish visa for USA citizens at the Turkish embassy if you have an American passport. In other words, once you're ready, you may easily apply for an E-visa to go to Turkey online.

2. Visitation Goal:

For brief journeys to Turkey for tourism, business, or leisure, a US citizen traveling to Turkey might consider getting a Turkey E-Visa. You should apply for a multiple-entry visa if you plan to travel on more than one occasion during the 180-day validity of your Turkey E-Visa. 

Similarly, get a single-entry visa to Turkey if you only want to visit the nation once.

3. Processing  Visa:

Travelers can anticipate receiving the visa acceptance within one business day after submitting their application. 

You would need to wait for the visa, though, if it's a busy season and there are many applications. You may request a visa to travel to Turkey from the USA at any time, but it's best to do it at least two days beforehand.

What are the Turkey Visa Requirements For US Citizens?

According to passport and visas 2022 you must provide a few essential papers while requesting a visa for Turkey. So, how to get a turkish visa, this question consist of:

  1. Scan your passport with a minimum of two blank pages and 6 months of remaining validity after the date of your arrival in Turkey.
  2. A working email address where you can get essential updates like the letter approving your visa.
  3. A functioning debit or credit card to cover the visa charge.
  4. Supplementary records (if required). For instance, if you have the USA. passport but are a citizen of another country, you must also present your Residence ID.

When completing your Turkey E-Visa application, it is advised that you have these papers on hand. All the personal information you provide on your Turkey visa application form must correspond to the information on your supporting papers. 

If you want to utilize a visa to turkey service, such as the one provided by a group of professionals will verify your data before processing it. By doing this, we can process your visa application without mistakes or difficulties.

How Can US Citizens Apply for a Visa To Turkey and Get One?

Passport holders from the United States can easily apply for a Turkish E-Visa anywhere and anytime. The only tools you need to submit a turkish visa application online are laptops, tablets, cell phones, or desktop PCs. 

Applying for a visa to Turkey from the USA should be done at least 48 hours before your intended departure date to prevent needless delays. Until you get an email confirming your visa clearance, you should also delay making travel or lodging arrangements in Turkey.

We have developed a very user-friendly online passport and visas 2022 application process so that holders of US passports may quickly obtain a visa for Turkey. You need to complete three simple steps on the application for a Turkish visa, and we will handle the rest.

1. Fill Out the Application Form

Give your personal information and travel information on the visa application form. Keep your passport, airline ticket, and hotel reservation close at hand since the information on your supporting papers must exactly match what is on your application. You will now have the option to choose the processing time for your document.

2. Verification is an Crucial Step:

Above all the Turkey visa requirements for US citizens, the most crucial step is your credentials verification. A slight mistake on your E-Visa form can cost you a visa rejection. Verify that all of your information is accurate a second time. 

Your application for an e-visa to Turkey should go without any problems. You can pay the turkey visa fees as soon as you're confident that everything is in order.

3. Provide All the Supporting Documents

Apply online for an E-Visa to Turkey and provide all necessary supporting documentation. Your documentation must be readable in all of the scans.

One of our visa specialists will thoroughly examine and handle your application after you submit it. Your approved Turkey E-Visa will be delivered right to your inbox. 

We advise you to bring a physical duplicate of this document with you so you may show it to Turkish officials when you arrive.

Turkey Visa for USA Citizens Application Requirements:

Eligible USA citizens can apply for a Turkish electronic visa by filling out an online form click Personal details will be required, such as full name and surname, birth date, place of birth, gender, residential address, email ID, and contact number. 

Additionally, the applicant must provide their passport details, including passport number, issue, and expiry date. In addition to the anticipated entrance date into Turkey, the applicant must specify their country of birth. 

Whether they apply for a tourist or turkey transit visa, USA residents will be required to answer security-related questions. Always double-check the data for authenticity and accuracy before applying to prevent delays. When applying, applicants are required to pay a fee for a turkey visa.

What is the Turkey Visa Cost for Americans?

The cost of a Turkish visa is determined by the kind of visa and the length of processing. There are several types of visas available for Turkey. These are often divided into groups based on the reason for the traveler's trip, such as tourism, business, or employment, as well as how long they plan to stay in Turkey. 

The Turkey visa fees may vary depending on how quickly you want to obtain it. We provide three processing speeds that should accommodate all of your needs:

Work Visa:

For Multiple Entry Turkish Visa, Processing time is 25 days with a service fee of $199 and an embassy fee of $205.

Official Visa:

The type of visa is the official standard (Single). Processing time is 25 days with a service fee of $199 and an embassy fee of $0.

E-Visa Tourist and Business:

So what is the Turkey E-Visa cost structure? There are two types of E-Visa Tourists and business;

1. E-Visa Tourist and Business Rush (Multiple):

Type of 1. E-Visa Tourist and Business is Rush (Multiple). Processing time is 4 hours with a service fee of $69 and an embassy fee $57.

2. E-Visa Tourist and Business Standard (Multiple):

Type of 2. E-Visa Tourist and Business is Standard (Multiple). Processing time is 2 days with a service fee of $49 and an embassy fee $57.

What is the time frame for USA citizens to get a visa to turkey?

The average wait time for an E-Visa to Turkey is 24 hours. However, speed is the critical factor that mostly matters to travelers. So, keeping that view in our service framework, we provide processing times as quick as 30 minutes for eager individuals to travel to Turkey.

Turkey Travel Requirements for Covid-19:

Certificates of vaccination against COVID-19 are not required to enter Turkey. However, to enter this nation, visitors must fulfill one of the following conditions:

1. Vaccination Proof:

Turkey accepts vaccinations that have received WHO approval as proof of immunization. If a traveler has received all doses of the SARS-Cov-2 vaccination for at least two weeks before departure, they are regarded as having received the vaccine.

2. Recovery Proof:

Evidence of recovery during the previous six months, commencing on the 28th day after the positive initial PCR test result.

3. Testing Proof:

Before entering the nation, visitors must take a COVID-19 test. If a PCR test is chosen, it cannot be performed more than 72 hours before the patient's arrival. Additionally, they might decide to obtain an antigen test within 48 hours of arriving.

Exemption for COVID test: Younger travelers and those with vaccination or recuperation documentation.

Quarantine and Health Insurance:

 As long as the traveler is not exhibiting signs of COVID-19, there are no quarantine restrictions on entering Turkey. If this is the case, they will be required to undergo a new PCR test upon arrival and placed in quarantine for two hours at the airport while they await the test results. They will be sent to a hospital for treatment if the test results are positive. Although it is not required, having health insurance is strongly advised.

Form for Health  Declaration:

No matter where they come from, all incoming tourists must fill out a health declaration form before their journey. The Turkish government will need them to show this document and their E-Visa when they arrive. If you decide to apply for a Turkey E-Visa using services, you may include the Turkey Passenger Locator Form in your application. The processing choices are the same.

Self-testing kit for EMED:

The day before your entrance date, you must take a COVID-19 exam to return to the USA. Searching for a test lab in Turkey is a waste of time. Purchase an E-Med test kit to make travel easier. Order yours right away, then put it in your suitcase.

Applying with

We have years of experience processing visas and take pleasure in providing a complete online service that is quick, secure, and simple. You don't need to be concerned about where to obtain the information you need to plan your vacation to Turkey because we provide all of it for you.

Our fantastic staff of travel specialists provides you with all the assistance you want to obtain your visa to Turkey, while our top-notch servers safeguard your information. You don't have to believe us, though.

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