How to mail passport renewal

The best general rule is to ensure your passport is valid for six months following any trip you plan to take. Utilizing information from the U.S. Department of State website, Travelers has created this guide with the most important information required for the renewal of your passport

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Here is some information you should know about renewing your U.S. passport:

Can I Renew My Passport by Mail?

One of the easiest methods to renew your passport is via mail. But, according to the U.S. State Department, 2 for renewing your passport via mail, all of the following requirements must be met:

Your passport's code is:

  • You have the documents to submit along with your application.
  • Unscathed and unaffected by normal wear and wear and.
  • You were issued a license when you were 16 or over.
  • The issue was made public within the past 15 years.
  • You can have your name changed to your current one You can also record the change in your name.

If all of these claims are true, then you can generally follow the steps below in order to renew your passport through mail. If none of them are accurate, you'll have made an application in person.

Steps to Renew Your Passport by Mail

To renew your passport through mail take the steps below. Keep in mind that the information you provide is subject to changes, so make sure to check your U.S. State Department passport website for the most current information.

1. Gather Your Documents

Typically, you'll require the below documents:

  • Renewal form To renew your passport you'll need to fill out your Passport renewal application form DS-82 on the U.S. State Department website.


  • documents for name change If the name you're now using differs from the one on your passport because of divorce, marriage, or court-ordered name change need to provide an official copy of the official name change form. You must send the original document. Usually, your name change form will be sent to you via a separate mailer from your new passport.


  • Your most recent passport Check that your passport is valid. Passports that are expired will not be accepted for renewal via mail. Most of the time, your old travel document will be sent back to you via separate mailers from the new passport.

2. Provide a Photo

You must upload a passport photo on your Passport Renewal Form. Make sure you read the requirements for photo in the U.S. State Department website. Be conscious that U.S. State Department advises that you do not wear the following clothing in your photograph:

  • Eyeglasses. If you're unable to take off your glasses due to medical reasons, be sure to include an approved note from your physician with your application.
  • A uniform, clothing that appears like a uniform, or clothing that resembles camouflage.
  • A headcover or hat If you do not have by law to cover your head for medical or religious reasons. If you are required to wear it to treat medical conditions you must include a written note from your physician. If you're wearing a head covering to observe a religious ritual, you must include a signed declaration that confirms that the headcover or hat on your photo is part of the traditional clothing worn by religious people in public. In both instances, you must ensure that your entire facial features are visible in the picture.
  • Wireless headphones or other hands-free devices.

It is possible to wear jewelry and conceal the piercings on your face, provided they aren't obscuring your face. Permanent tattoos are accepted to be used for passport purposes.

If you're looking for more information If you require more information, for more information, the U.S. State Department offers an extensive guide to photos that includes examples of both excellent and poor photos.

3. Calculate Fees

Be sure to be aware of the amount you will need to pay for the renewal of your passport to ensure you provide the proper amount. The current fees for passport renewal structure as well as you can also check out the U.S. State Department also provides the calculation tool for fees.

The payment must be made with either a money order or a check made payable to the "U.S. Department of State," and you should write your name, address, and birth date on the back of the check. Credit and cash cards are not acceptable for payments.

4. Mail Completed Application

If you've got all your information put together, it's now time to send in your application. Be sure to complete the following:

5. Track Your Application Status

The method you choose to mail your passport will be able to trace the envelope to ensure it's delivered. After you've verified that your application was received and you are ready to call 1-877-487-2778 or request an update on the internet after 7-10 working days.

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