How to Get an Expedited Passport

It's not about last-minute travel plans or an international trip coming up in a flash is not uncommon for travelers to speed up the process of completing the processing of their U.S. passport applications. Rush services typically cost more. However, they are often necessary. The procedure is remarkable to the normal application process can take between a few weeks to a few months. The wait time for regular and fast passports was less certain throughout the pandemic. The uncertainty is a source of anxiety for travelers. Other situations may need the renewal or replacement of your passport in the nick of the time Some countries, for instance, do not allow entry if your passport is shorter than 6 months validity. Some, such as South Africa, require that you have two blank pages. It's recommended to check the State Department's site for every country's visa and passport requirements or call your travel agency or airline before boarding the plane.

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Here's what you must be aware of to get your passport as fast as possible.

What is The Time it Will Take to Obtain an Express Passport?

In the course of the pandemic, even the expedited services suffered slowdowns. Fortunately, both normal and rush processing times for passports began towards the end of 2021. If you're applying for an expedited passport directly through the U.S. State Department, the processing time was 5-to-7 weeks. "We have stopped using door-to-door times to describe the routine and expedited services," the State Department stated. "Our processing times start the first day that we accept your passport application at an agency or center for passports instead of the day that you submit your application or request an identity card at a local acceptance center."

The timeframe of 5 to 7 weeks decreases from the 12-to-18 weeks that the agency had predicted for expedited passport processing before the outbreak. For faster service, an expeditor can take between six and seven business days to confirm travel within two weeks. However, it has a few places to offer this fast service.

If You Need Assistance Within 24-72 Hours, You Can Try Visiting The Agency Directly.

If you're facing a life-threatening emergency like an injury, illness, or the death of someone within your immediate family, an appointment with any agency you can visit is your only choice. Instead of spending a whole day arranging for delivery over the weekend, you could reduce time and effort by visiting in person--even if you must travel to a passport bureau in the city of departure for an international trip. In such situations, the process can last anywhere between 24-72 hours, based on the place you apply and whether you have acceptable documents, such as the death certificate or evidence from medical professionals.

A Final Suggestion 

The most effective way to avoid paying a fee to expedite your passport would be to set up a calendar reminder for 9 months before the date that expires on your passport that is currently valid if you have one. Then you'll be able to look ahead at your travel plans and determine the most suitable 18-week timeframe to apply. This is one when you are sure you're not planning to travel to another country. Let's hope that the staffing capacity and processes continue to grow to allow us to end the long delay and welcome to travel abroad.

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