How do I Apply for a Cuban Visa?

The Cuban Visa handling time relies upon a few elements, for example, the department where you present your application, the season, and your particular case. Notwithstanding, Visa For Cuban is handled within 30 days, plus or minus. All things considered, you are encouraged to apply for a visa 1-2 months before the time you expect to make a memorable trip to explore beautiful Cuba. If you will not get any letter or email from the Cuban authorities during the given period, then there will be some issues in your Visa For Cuban application, or maybe your visa will be rejected.

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Cuba Visa Validity

The Visa for Cuban is authentic for 30 days. The legitimacy term begins from the snapshot of appearance. It consequently, doesn't make any difference when you show up in Cuba. The main limitation is that the identification that was utilized during the internet-based application should be substantial for somewhere around seven additional months from the snapshot of appearance in Cuba. Assuming this is the case wanted, on appearance the visa can be reached out by an additional 30 days at an office of the movement administration, working everything out such that you can remain in Cuba for a sum of 60 days. 

Requirements for Cuban Visa

The following are the requirements for a Cuban Visa.

Application Form 

  • For a Cuban Visa, you need to download a visa application form, from the website, fill it and attach it with the documents. 


  • You likewise need to give two shading visa size photos.
  • Don't give any photo in which you were wearing eyeglasses or anything.
  • The Photographs should not be over 60 days old. 
  • Both the Photographs should be something very similar and have a white foundation.
  • Your face should be clear in the photos.

Proof of Income and Travel Reserves

  • You ought to depict the unmistakable motivation behind your movement to the objective country.
  • You ought to clarify how you might deal with your movement costs, you have composed the confirmation of your adequate assets. 
  • Depict your kind of revenue anything it is.

Valid Passport

  • All visitors to Cuba need to introduce a legitimate passport. And travel something like 2 to a half years preceding its expiry date, the specific measure of time permitted before its expiry relies upon the nation you're flying from.
  • The passport must have blank pages apart from endorsements and amendments pages.
  • Your passport must be legal for at least 2 months.

Invitation Letter

The Cuba Business Visa is given to unacquainted nationals who are going to Cuba for business-related purposes. The prerequisites for a Cuba business visa include:

  • Approval to go for business determinations given by the business office at the Embassy of Cuba.
  • The Cuba Business Visa application structure is accessible on the site of the Cuba strategic mission through which you are applying.

Coronavirus Accreditation or Inoculation Evidence

  • These days there is an extra prerequisite of Covid confirmation or inoculation verification and you should go through the PCR Covid-19 test 72 hours before your takeoff and the experimental outcome should be negative.


Cuba is a beautiful place and everyone wishes to go there once in their life! You can get a Cuban Visa within 30 days of applying. The Easy Way to Apply for a Cuban Visa is through the visa application. Because of Covid, You need to get a PCR test done 72 hours before take-off. You also need to attach a valid passport, photographs, application form, invitation letter, Covid accreditation, proof of income & travel reserves for the Cuban Visa for traveling. 

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