How Can I Get a Second Duplicate Passport?

Application for a Second Duplicate Passport, Complete

You must complete Form DS-82, which is often used to request a passport renewal, in order to apply for a second passport. To obtain a second passport, you do not need to visit a post office.

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Along with the application form, you must send in one new passport photo, your current passport, and $130 for routine service for passport renewal.

Add a Letter of Justification

A written justification for your requirement for a second passport must be provided to the Department of State with your application. When one of the following situations occurs, the Department of State may, at its discretion, issue duplicate passports:

You frequently travel, and since you can’t get the visas you need while you’re back home in between visits with a single passport, it interferes with your travel plans.

You require a second passport for security reasons, typically because you frequently visit or intend to visit both pro- and anti-Israel countries.

See our illustration here for a letter sample asking for a second valid passport. will assist if you need a second passport immediately. Simply choose “Passport Renewal,” and one of our knowledgeable, courteous professionals will guide you through the application process and address your questions. This level of assistance is invaluable, especially when you’re doing something unusual like applying for a second passport. It helps avoid common mistakes that might delay the processing of your request.

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